Three reasons Apple will succeed after Steve Jobs

“As irreplaceable as Steve Jobs is, Apple has three factors that will keep the company on the right track in the years ahead,” Jason Hiner writes for TechRepublic.

“First, Apple is in great shape in the smartphone and tablet markets, both are which are going to see explosive growth over the next 3-5 years,” Hiner writes. “Even if Apple simply holds its ground at about 20% of the smartphone market and levels out to 50% of the tablet market — both of which are highly likely — it is going to continue to grow sales, sell hundreds of millions of devices, and remain very profitable.”

“Second, Apple and Steve Jobs have been preparing for this for a long time… Jobs has put the right people in key positions to keep Apple moving and innovating in the ways he preferred,” Hiner writes. “Third, as much as Jobs is legendary outside of Apple, it’s even more so inside the company. The myth and legend of Jobs is going to sustain the company for a while. The principles he used in building products, organizing the company, marketing, hiring, and more are much better known inside the company, and they will use that for years to guide decision-making — as long as the current leadership remains in place and keeps everyone united around carrying forward Jobs’s vision. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some minor tweaks to the vision. That will have to happen, and I think it will.”

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    1. I think it’s just to demonstrate that even in a worst-case-scenario Apple will do very well.

      In other words, it would take a lot of screwing up for Apple to end up in that position in the next 3-5 years AND they’ll still have come out far ahead of where they’re at now.

  1. I’ll give you one reason: Steve’s not gone, so long we’re still talking about him in active sense.

    Once he fades into just a name, like Disney or Hewitt-Packard, away from the foreground, maybe then we can start the doom predictions anew. Right now, each of us are his heritage. How many of you are ready to surrender your heightened/enlightened senses of taste and decency for something cheap and imitating, for either to consume or produce/develop?

  2. There is a fourth reason. Many of the products and features that Steve is given credit for were the work of others within the company. Apple is filled with very creative forward thinking engineers. If the competition thinks that with Steve gone they have a chance, they are in for a rude awakening.

    1. This is so overlooked. Steve Jobs lead his teams to do great things. He made sure they pushed the envelope, demanded the best and he keep people focused on the important stuff. But at the end of the day he was a leader, an integrator, and an innovator — not some kind of mad scientist inventor.

      He also had the luxury (if you can call it that) to have seen his own end coming for some time, to have been fired from Apple and seen what could happen without him, and to have seen what a place like Disney can go through without it’s visionary leader. I think he was prepared. Heck, he even had the fore-sight to have essentially “commissioned” a bio for all of us.

  3. The real key for Apple is to never, ever let the sales/marketing or accounting guys take over as CEO. Apple needs to have tech guys, particularly innovators, holding the reins. Otherwise, new products and new thinking stagnates because you can’t project out sales, and the focus moves from creating great consumer solutions to generating profits for shareholders and sales margins.

    1. Probably not…unless he changes his mind on careers. 60 Min report says: “College student Reed Jobs decided to study oncology after seeing his father, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, battle cancer.” Well, if Reed can do for Medicine what Steve has done for Technology, this will be a far better world.

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