Hundreds line up for Microsoft Store ‘grand opening’ – for free concert tickets (with video)

“Goldy and I have [arrived Thursday] at University Village to cover the grand opening of the 12th-ever Microsoft Store,” Paul Constant reports for The Stranger. “It’s super-easy to find the new Microsoft Store; it’s directly across the parking lot from the Apple Store.”

“And ‘grand’ this ‘opening’ sure [was]! Dozens of people ‘occupied’ University Village [Wed.] night, camping overnight for the privilege of being the first few customers in Microsoft’s new retail mecca (good thing nobody told the SPD, eh?),” Constant reports.

Constant reports, “Hundreds of people, from as far away as Ohio and Australia, lined up…”

Goldy interviews the many folks lined up outside the grand opening of the new University Village Microsoft Store in Seattle on Thursday, October 20th, to find out what they’re so eager to buy:

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just once, we’d love to see Microsoft attempt to “grand open” one of their pretend Apple Stores without using free concert tickets for bait. Their shams, er.. stores would be as empty as they are for the rest of their existence.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Feral Mac” for the heads up.]

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    1. Mine doesn’t either, even though it shows up as HTML5 on my MBP.
      On my iPad I get this stupid message: “Your browser (MDN app) does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.” Works fine in Safari on my iPad, though. 8-{

    1. I was recently at the opening of the Apple store on 4th St., in Berkeley (sadly, one of the last stores to open just before Job’s untimely passing).

      But what was so cool, was knowing that everyone in line was basically there for the love of ‘Apple’ and the OS (and of course, a t-shirt and high-five from the staff). It was really a fun, shared experience.

      Most pc people I talk to, don’t even know what operating system they’re running.

  1. What exactly does ms sell xbox’s and office software how do you fill a store with that garbage Ohh and some real nice cases for their shitty iPhone lookalikes lol

  2. Hahahahaha….gasp…I just want to say….hahahahah…gasp….I just want to say….hahahahah….gasp………oh crap…hahahahah….too….funny….gasp..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…..Mr. Mayor……..hahahahahah………

  3. I wonder who MIcrosoft thinks they’re fooling? It’s sure not going to fool the store’s CASH REGISTERS when, as shown in the video, hardly anybody was waiting in line to actually purchase anything.

    Sad really, when MS, whether they realize it or not, is showing that they really don’t have any confidence in the store standing on its own two feet by itself without resorting to transparent marketing gimmicks. Even then they are only attracting bodies, not CUSTOMERS.

    1. Well, give them partial credit for realizing that their pathetic stores *need* transparent marketing gimmicks. As the video made glaringly obvious, without the free concert tickets, the “grand opening” would have been attended by store staff only.
      Oh, and probably the mayor. He has to show up on such occasions, it’s part of the job description.

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