Say, when did Apple become an enterprise company?

During yesterday’s conference call with analysts “Apple CEO Tim Cook rattled off a list of large companies using the iPhone,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for AllThingsD.

Lowe’s, L’Oreal, Royal Bank of Scotland, SAP, Texas Instruments, Jacobs Engineering Group, Tenet Healthcare, Jaguar Land Rover, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Lincoln National and CSX Corporation… 93 percent of the Fortune 500 deploying or testing the device, up from 91 percent last quarter and 60 percent of the Global 500 testing or deploying iPhone, up from 57 percent last quarter.

Hesseldahl reports, “And later a similar section devoted to the iPad.”

United Continental Holdings, All Nippon Airways, Sonic Automotive, Aflac, Biogen, General Mills, Siemens Energy.

Hesseldahl reports, “When I heard Tim Cook list all those big companies using iThings to get things done it finally dawned on me: Apple is as much an enterprise story as it is a consumer one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Welcome to the party, Arik.


  1. Enterprise company of the likes of IBM, that provides IT consulting services, or Dell, that provides the boxes? Or HP that provides the printers?

    I don’t think Apple has become an enterprise company just yet; if anything, companies using Apple’s iPad, iPhone, iMacs are [in the process of] turning Apple into an enterprise company, regardless whether or not Apple is pushing that goal/strategy.

  2. Hopefully, Apple will NEVER become an enterprise company along the lines of Microsoft. Primarily because so far, the fact that it WASN’T bothering with the corporate IT made it able to turn on a dime and advance the technology. Enterprise IT shackles would have NEVER allowed Apple to eliminate floppy disk, move from System 9 to OS X, move from PPC to Intel, from 32-bit to 64-bit, at least not without complete and deep legacy support going back 20 years (the Microsoft way).

    Hopefully, Apple will never seek enterprise markets and clients and will continue to change direction whenever it is necessary to further the pace of innovation.

    1. I think in some ways Apple has become an enterprise company, but it has done it from the bottom up, not the top down. It’s users, not the IT depts, that have driven iDevices into the enterprise.


  3. When you give USA business employees a choice for their device to work with, well, that is how Apple’s iPhone and iPads are getting past the IT bloats!!! 🙂
    My company gave me a choice and iPhone 4 it is 🙂 A co-worker asked me about it an I gave him the demo and info. Guess what? He ordered the iPhone 4s last week 🙂
    Multiply this scenario by millions in the USA and around the World 🙂
    BUY AAPL as it will be $555 by 12/2012

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