3 reasons why Apple stock’s drop won’t last

“Apple sent shock waves through Silicon Valley when the company reported a rare miss after markets closed on Tuesday, falling short of the consensus profit view for just the third time since 2002,” James Rogers reports for TheStreet. “Investors were shaken by the fourth-quarter numbers, particularly the gadget maker’s weaker-than-anticipated iPhone sales, pushing Apple’s stock down almost 5% in early trading on Wednesday.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s amazing these investors were smart enough to get into Apple in the first place. Don’t get us wrong, we love the knee-jerking fools with all our hearts. They’re extremely profitable.

Rogers reports, “The fourth-quarter results, however, should be little more than a bump in the road for Apple and its new CEO Tim Cook who stepped up to replace his iconic predecessor, Steve Jobs in August.”

Three reasons why Apple’s stock dip won’t last:

• Strong Outlook: Investors should focus their attention on the company’s better-than-usual first-quarter outlook.

• iPhone Rebound: Apple looks set to reap the benefits of consumers delaying their iPhone purchases ahead of the launch of the company’s latest phone. With demand for the new iPhone 4S already breaking records, the stage is set for some big first-quarter numbers.

• New Cash Strategy? Apple CEO Tim Cook could be open to revisiting the company’s cash strategy.

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  1. The only reason the stock went down, is so the wallet buttwipes can buy it low, and then it will go right back up.
    Where is the story here? It happens every time

    Duh? factor-93, out of possible 100

  2. Sheer madness to me. It’s like a runner setting a new world record by 14 seconds, but because some yahoos in the arena expected him to beat it by 20 seconds, he’s punished instead of rewarded. Madness.

  3. The only reason it tanked is so the wall st buttwipes can make some quick cash, is this really news?
    wall st made this happen, just like it does every time there is news or a quarterly report.

    The Duh?! factor here is a 93

  4. Apple was in line with its own guidance. Wall St numbers were much higher than what Apple themselves expected and publicly reported. This is Wall St stock price manipulation clearly exposed.

  5. Wall street has no common sense. If they did then they should have used it to figure out why iPhone sales were less than expected. Really? Let’s see maybe because consumers were waiting on the latest release like the iPhone 4S. It just got released on Oct.14th.
    Common sense.

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