Former Apple iPhone exec Papermaster named AMD CTO

“Advanced Micro Devices has appointed former Apple iPhone development chief Mark Papermaster as chief technology officer, where he will take charge of developing AMD’s future microprocessors and hardware,” Agam Shah reports for IDG News.

“Papermaster joined Apple in 2009 as senior vice president of devices hardware engineering, leading development of the iPhone and iPod hardware. Apple hired Papermaster from IBM in 2008, but made his appointment official after settling a lawsuit filed by IBM around Papermaster’s alleged violation of a noncompete agreement,” Shah reports. “Papermaster went on to leave Apple in August last year after reportedly falling out of favor with CEO Steve Jobs amid the iPhone 4’s antenna and reception issues.”

Shah reports, “He joins AMD from Cisco Systems, where he directed silicon development for the company’s switching and routing businesses.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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    1. It should be obvious with at least bare minimum of brains since even the newest modifications of iPhone 4 with 8GB (GSM) are still produced with exactly original antenna design.

      And CDMA iPhone 4 (as well as iPhone 4S with has the same antenna physical design) had different antenna design because CDMA standard requires more antennas. Nothing to do with the alleged antenna “issues” of GSM iPhone 4.

    2. Perhaps it is gossip but, the fact is he fell from grace and was subsequently fired by the one man he couldn’t bullshit.

      Regardless of the nature of Antennagate, it became a world-class issue and it wouldn’t surprise me to find that, the last thing Papermaster ever said to Jobs was, but, all phones have antenna issues, if you hold them wrong!.

      1. iPhone design gets finalized about half year before the start of sales (remember that iPad 2 prototypes were stoled by Foxconn employees in September of 2010, half year before March 2011 release).

        Papermaster was not even there at Apple when iPhone 4 design was already finished; he only started to work at May of 2010.

        1. You can have this thread.

          I don’t understand your interest in defending this former Apple executive, other than you’re a stickler for facts.

          Did it escape your attention the author said he joined Apple in 2009, after the IBM settlement, and you said he began work in May of 2010.

          One of you is wrong… and it just doesn’t matter.

          The fact is, Papermaster used to work for Apple and reported directly to Steve Jobs, and was relieved for cause, and now works at AMD.

    1. Hardly for that either. White iPhone failure turned out to be very complex issue. It was nothing like some blatant blunder of any concrete person. Many engineers at Apple could not foresee this problem and solve it for long time.

      And, as I said above, Papermaster joined Apple long after iPhone 4 design was already finalized. The failing white glass production process was developed before him.

  1. If you re-read the oldest “Related Articles” above, you’ll see that Papermaster was a chip guy at IBM. So he’s returning to his roots.

    So he was Apple and he didn’t work out. Wasn’t the first, won’t be the last. It happens everywhere, maybe it happened more so with Steve.

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