Yankee Group: Apple iPhone owners show the highest smartphone brand loyalty

Yankee Group Consumer Survey - Smartphones Brand Loyalty, August 2011
Yankee Group Consumer Survey - Smartphones Brand Loyalty, August 2011

Source: Yankee Group

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m shocked that 80% of Android users would stay with that brand. Everyone I know with one can’t wait to dump it. I suppose those surveyed were ignorant of iPhone and buy into the “Android just as good” propaganda.

    1. The buy one, get 17 free deals on android contributes much to that 80%.

      Here i am about to drop $700 on a 4S with no contract… (to be able to get the 5 next year with no hassle)
      Ask android users if they would do that for a new android “phone”.

      1. If I could not have my iPhone, and had to choose another phone… Temp or for any extended time, I’d probably pick bb.

        I just can’t see myself with an android, and winblows… I just can’t do it.

  2. Good morning Yankee Group idiots, when the rest of your ilk realize that Apple’s brand loyalty is what it is and as real as we all know it to be, maybe you’ll reevaluate the stock’s proper pricing to be 1000.

    We’ll see it soon enough.

  3. Although I’m skipping this generation of iPhone 4S, being too similar to the 4 I already have, I have no intention of going for another brand. I’m very happy with the 4 I have – the iOS 5 upgrade is like icing on the cake, with some exceptions mainly to do with how outgoing mail is handled – crazily inconsistent like a bitch on heat.

    I’ll wait this one out and go for the 5 when it’s released. I’m sure by that time there will be significant hardware improvements and a major redesign. If there isn’t, it means the Apple innovation machine is faltering without the late great SPJ at the helm.

      1. Hey Breeze, buddy. Good on you. This BLN guy is past a joke, ain’t he? Like anyone cares to hear what he thinks. Where is that post he made about Obama? Always like that one. What a twit he is.

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