Siri beta limited outside the US; international improvements coming in 2012

“As the iPhone 4S launches today in seven countries (US, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK, France, Germany — our launch coverage here), many customers are finding out for the first time that Siri, the voice assistant Apple announced and demoed at the Let’s Talk iPhone media event last week, has some limitations outside the United States,” Federico Viticci reports for MacStories.

MacDailyNews Note: Since it went online, Apple’s Siri beta webpage has stated clearly, “Siri is available in Beta only on iPhone 4S and requires Internet access. Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area.”

“Several websites reported that Yelp integration for local businesses wouldn’t be available outside the US initially. Siri is still in beta, available in a few languages, and Apple has already announced that more languages and services will be available soon,” Viticci reports. “Electricpig was first to report maps and directions wouldn’t be available to Siri except for US customers; today, a number of users have confirmed that both businesses (with Yelp integration) as well as maps/traffic data aren’t available outside the United States.”

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    1. LOL

      Siri would be the reason for me to buy the iPhone 4S. Since it won’t be available anytime soon in The Netherlands I’ll stick to my iPhone 4 for now and wait for the iPhone 5.
      Silly isn’t good enough 🙂

      1. It’s limited only in a very limited way.

        i.e. Still worth getting for 80% of things it does in US.

        In less than a couple of months, it will be upgraded. Whereas waiting for the 5 will be 8-9 months minimum. Personally I couldn’t wait that long.

      2. Speaking as an Englishman, I’ve yet to meet someone from Holland who *doesn’t* speak English with a remarkably natural accent – perhaps the English language option could still be a viable stop-gap? I realise that sounds horrendously stereotypical (sorry!) but I think there may be many regional accents in England that it could find harder to interpret (scouse, geordie etc)…

    1. That sounds so “microsoft”. ‘Its the possibilities…’

      Let me know when it works. It doesn’t even do what they sold us it would do. That guy jogging commercial. Impossible! !! Down right impossible.

      First, there is no voice alert. Repeat read Text three times. Check schedule? Not happening. Scheduling conflict. Moving to a different time screws up the schedule that was supposed to be unchanged. Asked what you want to do three times. Third time you don’t know what the heck Siri is thinking about.

      Yeah. It’s beta. So, were upset. Then we thought about how cool Siri “might” be, so we get on board. Then we realize Siri sucks, and in three years we are happy to see they’ve changed the approach. Like appletv. Like MobileMe. iCloud will be similar. Siri is not possible. Not at the level of a phone.

      Oh yeah. There is constant “I didn’t get that” “I’m having trouble with connection”. Siri is embarrassing. I can see the crowd now. WWDC “we have improved Siri”. YaaaaY. In other words, Siri sucked for years.

  1. I am in AU and I can confirm that Siri is limited here, I expect that will improve over time. Siri is an amazing way to interact with my iPhone. So far I have found that Siri is particularly useful to set times, alarms and reminders.

  2. Yes but, unlike the battery hogging first generation G4 chips (make that so called G4 chips) found in other phones, Siri beta will get better with time with free updates.

  3. Speech recognition in different languages is much more challenging than spell checking. Languages are also structurally different from English where there are practically no conjugations nor declinations — just words in basic form put after one another.
    But still living in hope…

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