Facebook scams attempt to capitalize on Steve Jobs’ death

“It didn’t take long for scammers to jump onto the news of Steve Jobs’ death and exploit it for their own nefarious ends,” Jessica Citizen reports for Tecca. “Scams, hoaxes, and fraudulent promotions have been popping up all over the internet, with most focusing on Facebook.”

“To put it simply: Apple is not giving away free iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, iPods, or Apple ][ computers in memory of Steve Jobs, despite what you may have heard,” Citizen reports. “Anything that you read otherwise is a scam — something to be deleted or at least ignored.”

Citizen reports, “If you’ve been touched by Steve Jobs’ legacy and would like to pay your respects, the best place is the official Apple website, which has set up an email address (rememberingsteve@apple.com) specifically to handle the influx of condolences. If you’d prefer to make a financial donation, choose a charity you think echoes the sentiments Jobs lived for — education, technology, children — or, of course, cancer research. You can easily make the donation in his name without exposing yourself to these worms trying to take advantage of your love of Apple.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. don’t you love scammers & hypocrites!

    all those people who mocked & spit on Steve’s life, who claim he did nothing, invented nothing, was insignificant: how about you people showing
    1. respect
    2. proving you’re worthier! (what have you done for me lately?!)
    3. if you’re so smart, advanced, visionary, creative, better, richer, more generous, charitable, more alive, and such great entrepreneurs yourselves, why use cheating tactics to make a living?! the irony of all those “moral” people, religiously fanatic or not, is that most are hypocrites and have the most skeletons, regrets, dirt, scams, shame, guilt in their closets.

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