U.S. judge says Samsung tablets do infringe Apple; no injunction, yet

“A U.S. judge said Samsung’s Galaxy tablets infringe Apple’s iPad patents, but also that Apple might have a problem establishing the validity of its patents,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters. “The comments from U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh came on Thursday in a court hearing on Apple’s request to bar some Galaxy products from being sold in the United States.”

“Earlier on Thursday, an Australian court slapped a temporary ban on the sale of Samsung’s latest computer tablet in that country,” Levine reports.

“Apple must show that Samsung infringed its patents and that its patents are valid under the law,” Levine reports. “At the hearing on Thursday in a San Jose, California federal court, Koh also said she would deny Apple’s request for an injunction based on one of Apple’s so-called ‘utility’ patents.”

Levine reports, “She did not say whether she would grant the injunction based on three other Apple ‘design’ patents. Koh characterized her thoughts on the utility patent as “tentative” but said she would issue a formal order ‘fairly promptly.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Lynn Weiler” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Samsung sucks. All they have is a good manufacturing process, but they steal all the design and creativity and soul from others… Still though, their TVs are pretty sweet.

  2. What a strange patent system the USA if after years of checks between the date of filing an applications and the issue date the patent still is not considered valid by default and the owner has to prove it’s validity all over again.

    (EU rules are simpler than that: patents are valid by the default, so it is the suspected infringer has to prove that the patents it used illegally are void.)

    1. As I said earlies, USA’s patent system does not do its work, actually, being very slow and even then often still useless.

      If something fair will happen to the dispute between Apple and the others, I will be surprised.

    1. I saw that too. Kind of funny as it said that Samsung’s lawyers took and unusual amount of time to correctly choose the Samsung product. Seems like after working for… who knows how long, on the case, they would be able to just surt out- “our product is on the left”. If Samsung’s lawyers can’t see the difference, I can’t understand why the court is taking so long.

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