BlackBerry sufferers call for compensation as beleaguered RIM’s worldwide meltdown spreads to US

“Bell Canada, one of the major network operators in the brand’s homeland, confirmed its customers were experiencing problems,” Christopher Williams reports for The Telegraph. “Meanwhile BlackBerry users in the United States, Japan and Singapore reported similar difficulties getting online.”

“The firm faced growing calls for compensation from users all over the world. European, Middle Eastern and African BlackBerry owners have now endured three working days without mobile internet access, including email and instant messaging,” Williams reports. “RIM made no comment on the whether it would offer any money back as it battled to restore services. Users bombarded its Twitter accounts with demands for compensation on Wednesday afternoon.”

Williams reports, “Etisalat, a mobile operator in the United Arab Emirates’, became the first network to announce its customers will be compensated. Both contract and pay-as-you-go customers in the Gulf state wil receive free service equivalent to three days’ BlackBerry usage. British operators have made no comment on compensation, but it is understood they do not expect to offer any and blame RIM for the outage.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Public Service Announcement for CrackBerryheads:

After being run over by Apple (who backed up and ran over them again four more times), RIM is self-immolating. Soon, they won’t be around to compensate their employees, much less you.

BlackBerry devices are horribly antiquated tech. DinoBerries. Stop being silly. What you want is an Apple iPhone 4S. If anyone tells you to get an Android device instead, they hate you. We, on the other hand, are here for you and we promise to answer any questions you might have about your new iPhone.

Now, go get in the queue at your local Apple Store or area iPhone carrier or preorder online ASAP.

We now return you to your semi-annual worldwide service outage.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Hello? Can you hear me now? What? What? You’re on a BlackBerry? You’re breaking up, I can’t hear you. What? Did you say it’s junk? Yeah, I could have told you that. What? You want to know what to do with it? Well, you could throw it into the East River for a start and get online and order an iPhone 4S. Yeah, that one. So we’re cool now?

  2. If the are using their BlackBerries to go on line than they can’t “preorder online ASAP”. The RIMM network servers are on holiday or something. Find a local Apple store or ask if you can use someone’s Apple device to order you iPhone.

    You know that the RIMM tablets use the BlackBerry to get on line. Do you think they are screwed too?

  3. As a Crackberry suffered, I would love an iPhone. RIM products are crap. The Crackberry did work on their OS5, but everything newer is crap. However, Apple has ignored the newer AWS system of T-Mobile in the US and the newer operators in Canada. I’m hoping the iPhone 5 will correct this issue.

    Bell Canada, Telus, and Rogers in Canada are the biggest rippoff artists in the country. WIND Mobile: $29 for unlimited everything.

  4. Do you think Siri could understand what people are saying to their Blackberries at the moment?

    If so, I think the answer would probably involve directions to the nearest bridge and a brief introduction to throwing…

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