BlackBerry users revolt against beleaguered RIM as service outage spreads

“Research In Motion is facing a user revolt after tens of millions of users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa suffered a second day without services such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), as the company struggled with problems at its hub in Slough, Berkshire,” Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian.

“The company also revealed that the areas affected now include South America, with users in Brazil, Chile and Argentina suffering loss of service,” Arthur reports. “RIM may have suffered lasting damage to its reputation. Reaction on social networks suggested that some users are considering moving to other platforms, such as Android phones or Apple’s iPhone, which are not reliant on RIM’s centralised service for connectivity.”

Arthur reports, “The outage follows one that began on Monday morning at about 11am BST and lasted until late in the afternoon. RIM had indicated that the problem was fixed, but on Tuesday morning BlackBerry users discovered they had once again lost service, with limited access to emails, web browsing and secure services such as BBM. The problems have caused some people to reconsider their use of RIM’s platform…”

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  1. in this day and age there’s no excuse for it to happen even once.. much less repeatedly.

    How many massive outages has BB had int he last two years- like 4 or 5 right?

  2. “…Ahh, Mike, I thought you were in charge of the IT centers.”

    “Jim you are just balls out silly. You damn good and well that you are responsible for data center work.

    “Mike, data center yes, but this is an IT problem and it is you who failed and hit the rim.”

    “Well Jim, I’m just glad we have our parachutes on.”

  3. Brother-in-law just upgraded his BB Torch (sporting both soft and hard keyboards) to the iPhone 4S on Sunday, (while I was upgrading my iPhone 4). Meanwhile, the BB sync server kept crashing!! LOL, he can’t wait to be BB-free!

      1. i’m guess that samsung will offer a settlement to Coca-Cola by saying:

        “look guys, look how our tab’s and phones make a great coaster for your drinks. And it connects to the internet too, isn’t that amazing?”

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