Apple’s iPhone 4S breaks single day pre-order record by a massive 400,000 units

“More than a million people placed early orders on Friday for Apple Inc’s latest iPhone, the last product that the company debuted before the death of its co-founder Steve Jobs,” Sinead Carew and Poornima Gupta report for Reuters

“Orders for the iPhone 4S, which will appear on store shelves this Friday, surpassed Apple’s previous one-day record of 600,000 sales for the iPhone 4, pushing the company’s shares up 4.3 percent to $385.50 on the Nasdaq stock market,” Carew and Gupta report. “The new phone disappointed some fans when Apple introduced it last week, but it is proving to be a bigger draw because more telephone companies are carrying it and it will appear in more countries, analysts said.”

“Another big factor may be Jobs. Massive outpourings of grief and sympathy over his death last Wednesday at the age of 56, along with testaments to his genius and status as a visionary business leader in the media and by Apple products users online may have spurred sales,” Carew and Gupta report. “‘Many potential Apple customers, who have been on the fences before, will probably now want to (buy) it,’ said Steven Osinski, marketing professor at San Diego State University. ‘It’s no different than when John Lennon was assassinated, sales of Beatles records shot up for a little while.'”

Carew and Gupta report, “‘It had everything people wanted. The market was disappointed, but the customers looked past the headline to see the content of the device itself,’ said Hudson Square analyst Daniel Ernst. The 4S is on the Sprint Nextel network, which is joining AT&T Inc and Verizon Wireless as an iPhone seller for the first time. In Japan, Apple added KDDI as a distributor.”

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    1. First of all Siri is HUGE!! Do you know anything about AI?

      Second, the minor speed bump is not that minor its friggin doubled its power!!

      Third of all, the Camera has a sensor (one of the most important parts of a camera by the way) that has 60% more pixels. Add in the special custom fifth lens and the UV filter you have a camera that can operate at f2.4. For people who know photography, these are huge upgrades.

      Fourth, something that no one seems to talk about, is the diatomic-diversity dynamically switching antenna system.

      Slightly bigger screen and shiny Aluminium case is for people who wanted a faster horse from H.Ford.

  1. The market wasn’t disappointed.

    It was the pundits, AKA media, that weren’t invited to the keynote last week.

    Worse, they had to write their byline articles based on blogs and not by any personal witnessing or experience.

    Terrible to find out that your want-a-be friends are another figment of your imagination and don’t invite you to their birthday parties.

    1. These Apple exaggerated numbers are not possible. The iPhone 4S has already been declared by pundits as a disappointment and they are never wrong. It will soon be discovered that either Apple is lying to get media attention or their pre-order system runs on some non-enterprise Mac OSX application and has some sort of bug that counts one order as two. Once this chicanery is uncovered, I’ll see you Apple longs at $350.

      Most consumers are waiting for Google’s Nexus Prime that has twice as many features as the iPhone 4S and costs half as much. Apple will soon be following its founder since the two are inseparable as far as Wall Street is concerned. Smartphones that you need to hold with two hands will set the bar higher than the iPhone can possibly reach.

      1. we already have a satirical poster on here called zune tang. he’s funny and spot on.

        for an idea on how to really do it- find his posts. you fall far short, my friend. quite sad actually. like the fat kid who repeats the funny joke the popular kid said a second ago and laughs the hardest when he says it.

        follow me? prolly not.. so in other words, get funny or give it up.

        1. Man that was maybe a tad harsh.
          Sure he’s not on the same level as Zune Tang, but Zune also had a few misses here and there.
          Also, considering all the recent trolls and their whinging; I don’t mind seeing posts from genuine Apple fans, even if they’re lighter on satirical gifts. Besides which, at least Ballmer’s Left Nut he’s not.

          1. Krquet at least your are sort of right, just not being Ballmers Left Nut is somewhat better. But the reference to “follow its founder” leaves me cold. Too soon, too soon.

            1. Agreed. Anytime you don’t see shades of BLN on your humour-mirror, you’re doing something right.

              Meanwhile, if TheWiseInvestor is, and it seems like he is, mocking the pundits who are expecting the quick demise of the post-Jobs Apple, then maybe his satire isn’t mean-spirited nor is it off the target.

              I understand where you are coming from though. Maybe it’ll help to remember, The Onion had a great coverage (and courage to satire) after the 9/11 that helped many of us smile and relieve some tension. It was helpful. I think good satires serve positively; I’d invite you (and anybody else) to read, if you haven’t already, the weekly Macalope columns at the Macworld. Most weeks the horny one is laugh out loud hilarious.


          2. Was it harsh?

            If he was funny I’d hahah his shit. I guess honesty is harsh. It’s not preschool on here.

            @krqut – thanks for the macalope link. actually funny shit.

        2. @shinolashow, that was harsh, not because you were being “honest,” but because it was harsh.

          If you don’t think it’s funny, leave the guy alone. We’re on the same team here. I thought it was good.

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