Due to Steve Jobs’ passing, Samsung and Google postpone Galaxy Nexus, Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’

“Google and Samsung have delayed the arrival of the next, much-anticipated Android smartphone, because of the passing of Steve Jobs,” Don Reisinger reports for CNET.

“In a statement today, the companies said they won’t be showing off the upcoming device at the Samsung Unpacked event next week during CTIA as had been expected,” Reisinger reports. “They are looking for a ‘new date and venue’ to unveil the smartphone, which has been dubbed both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus Prime.”

“‘We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product,’ the companies said in a statement. In a follow-up statement to CNET, a Samsung spokesperson said that the death of Apple co-founder Jobs prompted the decision,” Reisinger reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Nice gesture (and smart PR move), but here’s an idea: How about postponing both of them indefinitely out of respect for Apple’s patented intellectual property?

We’ve been pushing the state-of-the-art in every facet of design… We’ve been innovating like crazy for the last few years on this and we’ve filed for over 200 patents for all of the inventions in iPhone. And we intend to protect them.Apple CEO Steve Jobs when unveiling iPhone, January 9, 2007


  1. Could be that out right copying by Samsung and Google just after Steve’s death might engender some backlash?
    There’s nothing like stealing from a beloved, deceased genius to make it clear what a bunch of posers you are.

    1. Well, let’s also not forget that by postponing it (under the pretense of respect for Steve), that buys them a few more weeks to try to improve it so it doesn’t pale *quite* as much in comparison to the new iPhone.

  2. They want the most publicity. If they released it on the original time, there will still be stories of Jobs and his iPhone. They want to be the number 1 story.

    1. I agree 100%. They are not ready. Rather than announce now and have to say that they will be available by the end of November (or January 2012) they are going to wait — and use Jobs’ death as an excuse in an attempt to “look like the good guys”.

  3. How about the phone not being ready?

    OR, how about their NEW phone looking a bit “quaint” after Apple showed off iPhone 4S features (notably Siri)? They need time to copy some more…

    1. 99% of those reading here have missed Apple has the only BlueTooth 4 phone in the world. Steve Jobs sat on their board and pushed for BT 4 and now it is a reality just as he dies.

      And now there’s BT 4.0. As part of the new standard, the BT Forum has designed in all of the previous specifications (which it’s now archived, and labeled “Classic”) and pushed BT tech to the max. Perhaps the most important aspect is the new low-power-consumption mode, and smart-power management that means a BT4 device really only sups on power when it needs to–to the extent that many tiny portable devices could now be powered for significant lumps of time by a common watch battery, sitting idle and almost completely unpowered when not needed (some stats say a coin-sized battery could push power to a BT4 device on standby for a year). ”

      “In some ways BT4’s longer-range sensitivity and the fact it can in many cases handle a faster data rate than simple NFC setups lends the tech much better toward some of the advanced wave-and-pay ideas that Apple’s been patenting. For example, say a store offers you a discount on the understanding that when you wirelessly pay, it can upload a branded screensaver to your device. See? That’s no joke.”

      You see even in death Jobs continues to change the world and most completely fail to realize he just screwed Google and Samsung again by pushing a better technology than what they have in current Android phones with his iPhone4Steve.


  4. Just on the data of the Nokia World Event in the same city of London? What a coincidence………

    LOL, there is more chance of a UFO hitting Earth than they are being honest.

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