Rush Limbaugh: This is like Christmas Eve; I can’t wait for Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event!

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today covered Apple’s impending “Let’s Talk iPhone” event on what, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations:

Limbaugh said, in part:

I’m excited. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I hate to admit this. This is like Christmas Eve. I have been going nuts trying to figure out what Apple is gonna announce tomorrow. I do not know what they’re gonna do. This is the most amazing — (interruption) there is no inside stuff. Let me tell you this. Apple has got an announcement tomorrow, but nobody knows what. It just says, “Let’s talk iPhone,” ten o’clock tomorrow morning Pacific time, “Let’s talk iPhone.” Two weeks ago, folks, this is amazing, two weeks ago and three weeks ago and two months ago and six months Apple as of today has not said a word about a new iPhone. There has been no official nothing from Apple about a new iPhone. What there are are a bunch of blogs and rumors.

Gore is a member of the Apple board of directors and he did allude to the fact that a couple of iPhones are coming in October, but Gore is not Apple, he’s just on the board. Apple hasn’t said a word. Two weeks ago in a 30-minute stretch of time there were a couple of rumors about a new iPhone and what it was going to do. Apple stock went up, their total aggregate market cap went up $50 billion on rumors on Internet blogs. Apple had not said a word. Apple still hasn’t said a word. Now, the latest beta of iTunes is out, and some of the wizards of smart have gone through it and they have found references to an iPhone 4S. “Okay, well, what’s that?” Nobody knows. It’s been 16 months since they’ve had an iPhone, and tomorrow at ten o’clock Pacific they’re gonna announce it.

I’m like everybody else, I am caught up in this. I can’t wait. I myself have spent time trying to figure out what it is, but there’s no way of knowing. My gut is to tell me they’ve got problems and it’s not gonna be anything super-duper special but on the other side of that there is, not evidence, but there are some compelling indications that they’re going to revolutionize the whole smart phone industry tomorrow, basically with voice to text, artificial intelligence. But nobody knows. Supposedly they are manufacturing — Snerdley, look at me — supposedly they are manufacturing 150,000 iPhones a day, and nobody throughout the vendor supply chain will actually admit anything. I don’t know how they get everybody to clam up. The phone will talk back to you is what I mean by artificial intelligence.

Supposedly one of the things that it’s gonna have is voice to text dictation, you can say iPhone, send text to Snerdley “I’ll be a little late this morning,” and the phone just does it, just does it. And then talks back and tells you that it did it. As long as the name Snerdley’s in your address book, if you say text, it’ll fire up the SMS app and it will send a text. If you say iPhone, e-mail Snerdley whatever, it translates what you’re saying to text in an e-mail, you hit send and it sends it, you don’t ever have to type anything. You’re never gonna have to connect an iPhone or an iPad to your computer ever again for any reason. Everything’s gonna be wireless. Some of that’s been announced. The software stuff, that’s been announced. Not the voice stuff, the artificial intelligence, that’s coming someday but nobody knows if it’s tomorrow. But that’s where everybody’s on pins and needles.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. Rush is the best!!!!! He called it on Maobama when he said he hopes Maobama fails in his commie agenda. Maobama failing is a victory for the US citizens. How did a foreign raised, non US citizen with a fake social security number ever get elected president????? No wonder the results. 2012 election will right the ship.

        1. No jack ass, my MacBook Pro 17″ you moronic liberal drone. Why are you freaks so intent on destroying the US. Move to China or Russia or some other hell hole and leave our great country alone.

        2. Really?

          Nice way to disrespect your country, your president and the democratic system that elected him. Don’t like this republic, move to China. Fascist a$$ hat.

          WTF is wrong with people?

        3. Maobama is a fraud and liar. He was raised in a foreign country, has a Connecticut state social security card that no one seems to know how he got it (google it), won’t show his college records or original birth certificate. He doesn’t show the American flags in his White House press meetings, he has no idea how business works, he is in bed with corrupt unions, his buddies are Reverend Wrong and Bill “Terrorist” Ayres, he has spent more money than all presidents combined in his first 6 months in office, he tries to make villains out of successful, wealthy job creators, he wants to punish success and take away rights, he wishes he didn’t have to deal with congress and things were more like China, he stirs up racial discord and class envy, he has made a bad situation created by democrat controlled congress since 2006 much worse, he created the unconstitutional Maobamascare. No we shouldn’t “disrespect” this guy. Just like you communists didn’t ever disrespect Bush.

        4. Nice try Kronos you tool. Right back at you freedom hating troll. Go crawl back under your rock in whatever hell hole of a country you take up space in.

      1. The “ship” has a big, friggin’ debt rip in it like the one that sank the Titanic. If you think a different President (of either party) will magically “right the ship,” then you are heading for a bag full o’ disappointment.

        1. Nice attitude Queen Smell. Who would ever want you on their team????? Might as well just jump off a cliff. You are a sick liberal, loser, sheep. F off.

    2. What did Obamanidajad do with the American flags at his White House speeches. They’ve been missing for a while. No other president has ever done that before.

    1. same.
      hearing him talk about it today (not just reading what he said above) you got that giddy feeling along with him.

      Tomorrow, is too far away…… Gimmie now!
      or at least release iOS 5, that would satisfy me till tomorrow. 😉

  1. BUT WAIT — OMG…

    Apple will not live stream tomorrow’s event at which the company is expected to unveil its next generation iPhone, reports 9to5Mac.

    1. Care to give linkable examples or do you hate that somebody critiques your side’s follies because they are seldom pointed out by the main street media?


    Apple will not live stream tomorrow’s event at which the company is expected to unveil its next generation iPhone, reports 9to5Mac.

    Only in text line by line plays of the event – ewwwwww!

  3. if they wanted to demonstrate the power of their server farm why not offer a live stream to all of us mere mortals- not just the privilidged few with tickets to store events

    1. Not that I’m disagreeing with you, just that this now allows you to enjoy all the live text+photo coverage of so many sites (MDN included) still. Wouldn’t it be great if they announced something major enough to crash Twitter again? It’s been awhile and seems unlikely now.

      Technology will catch up with our demands soon; meanwhile, though, I’m content enough to read the updates, hit the refresh even when MDN etc. would urge us not to, and enjoy the comments. I’ll download the podcast from iTunes later. But this will give me best of both. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. Regardless of your personal opinion of Mr. Limbaugh, how can you not appreciate this?

    It’s nice to read about someone giddy with anticipation over a gizmo, while so many of us suffer from a certain sense of apathy towards many things in life and not just tech related stuff.

    I miss saying wow as much as I did when I was younger; I appreciate people who holds on to their sense of wonderment.

  5. “since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States…”

    Yeah, it’s really a sad, sad statement about the USA. Actually, this “highest-rated” ranking parallels exactly the decline of this country, positioning it close to 3rd World status. So, as MDN says about Ballmer, may Rush rule the waves for as long as it takes!

    1. No Renaldo you are the sad one. Why do you hate life and yourself so much. Please go get some help fast. We conservatives are the US. You liberal-commies have destroyed everything you have touched. You know it too you freaking loser. Every liberal controlled part of the country is a hell hole and gets worse by the minute. The liberals want to take away any chance of being successful, all rights and private property. They want to pick the winners and losers. They are the losers that other losers stupidly elected. Pathetic. Thank God everyone is finally waking up again.

        1. Really?
          What part are you from?

          I’m from North East and also Big D, but have relatives in South East and Houston.
          I have many friends in South Central and West Texas.
          Odd that none of them complain about it.

          Maybe Arnold Ziffel can shine a light on it….?

        2. I went to SMU back in the day!!!!! Dallas was a very fun place to go to college. Texas is one great place. CitizenZero probably hails from Detroit or Chicago thug area. Liberal utopias.

  6. Why does MDN always plug Rush Limbaugh? Is he some sort of tech expert? This post is a full-on ad for his show. Limbaugh is a vile human being, a hate monger, and just a good old fashioned lunatic. What I find ironic is that MDN (as constantly evidenced in “MDN’s take”) blindly sides with Apple on everything, and demonizes anyone or anything that competes with or criticizes Apple. Well, I hate to break it to you, but Apple’s values are in direct conflict with Limbaugh’s. Things like the environment, gay rights, and social policy. This is a company that was founded by an acid-tripping buddhist with a love for Dylan, and on a constant open-minded quest for knowledge and ideas. Limbaugh is a close-mind ignoramus, spitting hate and fear, feeding off those less fortunate and less intelligent than himself. I understand this isn’t a political blog, but constantly putting up quotes (and now a big ass picture of Rush, like he’s a MDN contributor) is making it one. And if MDN wishes to maintain their Apple blind faith (which they seem to be defined by, since pretty much every other Apple site features better analysis, and writing), they have a decision to make.

    1. Back up the hatred you are spewing.
      Post links to quotes from Rush backing up your assertions that he is antigay, hates the environment, etc.
      Have you ever listened to his show or just basing your bias on what the left wing nutcases have told you?

      I don’t listen to his show, but I have heard it.
      I don’t get why people try to demonize him, I find his show boring since I don’t care about politics.

      1. If you “don’t care for politics” then you clearly lack the depth to understand why somebody like Rush is out of his mind – and due to how many listen to him, dangerous. Spend a few years studying politics – both left and right – and perhaps then you’ll have a better sense of why I am making the above assertions, and why people “demonize him”, as you say.

        If you’re actually interested in examples of the things I am alledging, simply google “Rush Limbaugh Gay”, or “Rush Limbaugh Environment”. Voila.

        1. you are a sick and sad sack individual liv. the liberals are the hate mongers in the US. proven daily by the democrats. can’t wait for a tea party take over!!!!!

        2. Idiot. This is about MDN plugging a far-right wacko on an Apple blog. There’s a place for it, just not here. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be too pleased if Olberman had a post similar to this on MDN.

          Enjoy that tea party takeover.

        3. Far – right???? What kind of liberal mind altering drugs are you smoking??? Rush is mainstream America lib. (you spelled your name wrong). Olberscum is a disgusting, slimy, low life. Rush is salt of the earth. Rush is positive and always right. Olberscum is negative, always angry, and just a massive a-hole. Google his ex-girlfriend problems. You can’t compare the two. Doesn’t work. You are a lot like Olberscum.

        4. No liv, you and your looney liberal drones are the ones that are out of your minds. We’re not going to take your crap any more. Get ready because 2012 is going to be a landslide comrade.

        5. Who? The republican playing field is a joke. The candidates all fall on a spectrum ranging from inept to unelectable. Do you know why that is? Because the republican party sold it’s soul for far-right populism, and now they’re stuck in pander mode, incapable of actually getting anything done.

          Romney’s the only one who stands anywhere near a chance, and he’s liberal on social issues, instituted Obamacare before Obama, and has a gorgeous track record slashing jobs for profits. Mmm… I can’t wait for that landslide, comrade.

        6. Says you and your fellow comrades. You are the joke and you are scared to death that a conservative will win. You liberals are the sickest thing, can’t call it a joke – more like terrorists, that has ever happened to the US. 2012 will bring in Herman Cain, Bachman, or Palin and we’ll begin cleaning you liberal low lives out of every branch of government. Get your freaking hands out of hard working, successful people’s wallets and rights and private property. There will be a landslide and you won’t be happy about it commie.

        7. lol, Kate the Tea Party jumped the shark. And the moderate republicans hitched their wagon to that crazy train.

          Seriously who is going to get it?

          Bachman and her show tunes hubby? right.
          Herman Cain? come on, after all the openly racists undertones coming from the right, he is their token black guy without a stitch of chance with his 9/9/9 tax code proposal. I think he is confusing his pizza specials with political policy.
          Ron Paul? it is getting so sad, how many times is going to run and fail? Yet he wont get the nom again…the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing yet expecting different results.
          Romney is too liberal. The beauty of Obama’s MODERATE positions is that he incorporates republican ideas. Ones that the current crop of politician’s can not run from, because its their record.
          Chris Christie would not pass the physical exam, but I am sure you guys are desperate and since he looks like most of the republicans you hope he will run. Which the irony is he can barely walk. He did take limo for 100 ft.
          Rick Perry? come on, Bush Lite Jr.? He is falling as fast as he climbed. And being a Texan, I am sure hope the people in this state will finally kick his butt to the curb seeing he is/was not ready for primetime.
          Palin? the quitter in chief. Sorry she is too busy cashing her checks from Faux news.

          So have fun Kate. I will continue to laugh at the imbeciles that constitute the Republican nominees.

          You can not even write this stuff. The SNL skit was so eerily spot-on.

        8. Even if what you said were true, they each are better than Obama for the simple fact that they each would repeal Obamacare.

          And by the way I’m for Cain and the only racism or even racial awareness I hear comes from the Left. I couldn’t care less what the candidate looks like, I am only concerned with the ideas in his or her head, which is why I want Obama defeated. His ideas are anathema to liberty and free market capitalism.

        9. rhetoric.idiot, you and your comrades have jumped the shark, shit head. it is so far gone what you liberal scum bags have been doing. The huge majority of America hates you freaks and you will sorely find out next November. You have a nice list of all of the predictable liberal scum – democrat talking points. No one believes that BS anymore or listens to it. Get ready, reality is about to smack you right in the face.

        10. it’s funny how Liberals always say republicans are racist, yet they (liberals) are the ones ALWAYS bringing up Race.

          You should read more on Cain, Godfather’s Pizza was just one job he had.

          Ron Paul… I agree with you though. guy just needs to go Isolate himself, just like he wants the US to do..

        11. @winking cyclops.
          You do realize that Obamacare is really the same Bob Dole had and the same plan that Romney implemented in his state. If you knew anything about the constitution you would realize the govt, has the right to require you to buy insurance to drive a car, in case one of your passengers is injured from your or someone else’s recklessness. You soon find that your recklessness of not having health insurance when you need it the most, cost everyone else.
          Right the Tea Party is not all racist, you are right I am wrong. phhsst.

          @Ted, only those with simple minds with simple vocabularies need to insult people with names. I am sure you well loved, I but you are close enough to start collecting social security, so I will get off your yard gramps. But that is why I am here to parse your Tea Party Magazine rhetoric.

          @FTB, so what is this month, Obama is the Kenyan Muslim with no birth certificate who palls around with terrorists, was raised by black panthers while Rush Limbaugh plays Barack the Magic Negro with Tea Party rally people holding up signs with a picture of Obama with a bone thru his nose, and the Washington Post political cartoon of Obama as a monkey…. yea your are right, nothing to see here, not a ignorant racists in the bunch. You are all bunch of peaceful old white people bringing guns near Obama rallies. If you guys had a clue, you would realize your “grassroots” movement was co-opted by the Koch Brothers.

    2. liv,

      There are more than enough left wing wackos with on air access to more than equalize Rush’s rants.

      If you want to know what’s really wrong with the USA, look to your two party system where either side can be easily bought by any corporation that needs a favor.

      As for Rush’s Christmas Eve excitement, don’t we all feel that, wether we lean left or right?

      1. There’s no doubt about that. There are just as many loonies on the left as there are on the right. My issue is that an Apple blog is not the place to showcase them – from either side.

        I understand that MDN has a duty to cover politicians or pundits talking about Apple products. I have no problem with that. But MacDailyNews keeps putting up Rush’s ramblings so often that it now appears as though he’s a contributer. The following is a plug. I haven’t seen MDN do this for anybody else to this degree.

        “since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations”

        Add to that a huge prominent picture of Rush, and boom… you got cause for alarm. That’s the issue. There’s a place for for the baggage that accompanies Rush’s vile rhetoric. This isn’t it.

        1. Hey lib,

          Don’t read the article if you don’t like it. What the hell is wrong with you trying to silence debate. You are a true liberal. Screw you.

        2. Silence debate? Moron… there’s a place for Rush Limbaugh. A site called MacDailyNews is not it. That’s the point I’m trying to make. If some liberal firebrand was being plugged and posted by MacDailyNews you retards would think socialism was here.

    3. You won’t want to hear this, and I am posting late so you might miss it, but, Andrew Breitbart had the same opinion of Rush until he began to listen to his show with the express intent of critiquing him.

  7. See, guys, this is why Rush is, basically, like the rest of us. Kid in a candy store! Don’t ya gotta love this? Rush doesn’t care that Steve Jobs might be a Syrian Buddhist Radical Hippie—only that he is a successful capitalist achieving excellence.

  8. Yep… I knew from the headline there would be pointless comments — for and against Rush. Even though I knew what I was walking into, I fell right into MDN’s trap. I had to see the wreck.

    Winner: MDN. Loser: me.

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