Analyst: Apple to sell 107 million iPhones in 2012, up from 84 million this year

“Another bullish prediction ahead of Apple’s Tuesday iPhone event: The company will ship 84 million iPhones this year and 27 percent more the next,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“That’s the word from Janney Capital Markets analyst Bill Choi, who believes that new carrier agreements and international expansion will push iPhone sales as high as 107 million in 2012,” Paczkowski reports. “Says Choi, ‘We believe Apple is well positioned to capture an enormous profit pool as mobility and content worlds converge.'”

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  1. If Apple covers every price point with an IPhone 4, 4S and 5, that number will be too conservative. Android will be up shit creek without a paddle. Add into the mix iCloud and Assistant and who in their right mind is going to want anything but an iPhone. There ain’t enough Apple haters out there to sustain an Android economy.

    1. Most future iPhone consumers won’t care one way or another about Android or iOS to the point of feeling emotions for either platform. To most consumers, either they can afford something or they can’t or something works for them or it doesn’t. I think most of the consumers using Android were just steered to the platform by going into a carrier store and weren’t exactly sure what they wanted and let the salesperson talk them into some possibly reasonable choices. A lot of consumers get pushed into purchases because the salesperson makes a convincing argument saying one thing is just as good as another if they need to move a product. I totally believe if more carriers had pushed iPhones, a lot more iPhones would have been sold.

      One thing for certain, if the iPhone is going to be sold by more carriers and the price is going to be lowered while services are increased by iOS 5, Apple is going to absolutely explode with revenue and put an awful lot of pressure on Android smartphone vendors. Smartphone market share should increase another 10% or so in a year. Yet again, iPhone sales are going to be determined by how well Apple can manage to keep up with product demand with manufacturing output.

      1. You’re quire right. Some phone-shop sales people are VERY aggressive with people who even suggest iPhone. I’ve experienced it myself in London when a friend was moaning about his rotten Blackberry in a phone store. I made a comment about the thing being no iPhone, and the salesman looked and sounded like he wanted to thump me! 🙂

    1. LOW is GOOD, no?

      Buy low, Sell high – as in sell high volumes of iPhone5 at low price points with an incentive of the iCloud – this shall truly make many people flock to the Apple Camp! So – rejoice.

  2. My brain is foggy on this iCLOUDY day…

    Tomorrow bring such excitement however APPLE themselves has yet to invite any of us to come back on the 4th and watch the event live.

  3. It’s so good at times like these to reflect on Idiot CEO Walking Steve Ballmer’s 2007 comments on the iPhone’s chances in the market isn’t it? As they say “BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!”

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