No need to mourn iPod classic, Apple’s 128GB iPod touch likely imminent

“This morning, a report surfaced that the next iPhone would come with 64GB of storage for the first time ever. It’s looking pretty solid,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac. “At the same time, rumors have been bubbling up for the last couple weeks that Apple would soon be discontinuing the venerable iPod Classic… and today’s move to axe the iPod Clickwheel Games section of the iTunes Store certainly seems to confirm as much.”

“Okay, sure, iTunes Match and iCloud take some of the hurt out, but what if you want to carry your whole music collection around with you without having to sign up for a data plan? For customers like that, the death of the only 120+ gigabyte iPod is a bitter pill to swallow,” Brownlee reports. “Don’t worry. A new 128GB iPod touch is almost definitely coming.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]

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  1. To me, the size does not matter… Lack of physical buttons do.

    I wear gloves at work during winter…(and weekends, and when riding etc) Touch screens do not work for me. And my old wired remote is going to die soon. Unless the new stuff has physical buttons… It’s useless to me.

    1. Oh darn 1 out of 4 million iPod buyers won’t buy the new iPod… Don’t thing your hurtin anybody by not buyin a touch screen iPod as for the classic ending… Good riddance…

    2. I come from the other school of thought. Dials are outmoded and need to die. I’ve never owned an iPod with a dial. Ever since Apple brought out the touchscreen nano I’ve been on it like a rabbit.

    3. FTB, You should look into investing in some headphones that have the volume control on them. There are a few click combinations you’d have to learn, but that replaces the click wheel functions on the Touch, if you operate with gloves.

      Danny, there really is no need to insult FTB. He raises a valid point. Grow up.

      1. Where I work, illegal to wear headphones.
        Earbud in one ear, questionable.

        Your solution, no help.

        iPod gloves, rip to easily around steel. No solution.

        Wired remotes are the only solution, along with ditching apple… Only for the iPod.

        1. 160GB refurbed from the Apple on line store. Stock up amigo!
          Also iClassic on Cydia. It won’t help with the gloves issue but for people who can’t let go of the click wheel, it’s nifty.

          1. My music library is still under 6gb…
            Size does not matter.

            My iPod nano 5th gen works fine, the wired remote I find that does work is about dead.. I need to stock up on them though.

            Also the gloves thing, leather gloves… You can’t make them work unless you constantly re do the mod.
            Also in many states headphones in both ears while riding is also a traffic infraction, even a single earbud in a car while driving.. Illegal unless it’s a Bluetooth headset.

            I do have a Sony mw600 which I love, except the volume is touch based..
            We will see how it works this winter, and let’s hope the new iPod has Bluetooth. I do not care about the iPod touch.. I have an iPhone. If the new nano does not have bluetooth, I’ll stick with iPhone only and let the iPod nano collect dust.

            1. Off topic.
              I meant to pass on a Cydia pckage about an issue previously discussed.
              DL Autofill Eraser
              Erase those pesky incorrect email addresses from iOS

    4. Best bet is to replace your existing model with the current version and also the wired remote if it is still available. You may even be able to pick up some deals if apple discontinue the classic.
      This will give you a few years extra use and maybe by then a remote will be availbe that gives you the functionality you need.

    1. The new Voice Assistant feature will negate the need for dignity when your on a bus or waiting in line and have to say out loud, “iPOD, PLAY BACKSTREET BOYS, BACKSTREET’S BACK!”

  2. A 128G iPod touch is perfect. Just plug it into the car stereo and go. I never use the wheel or the buttons. The whole thing is in the glovebox, and the stereo controls do the work.

    1. RR, you just hit on EXACTLY why a classic type model is needed. My family uses our old iPods in just this way.

      Why pay $$$$$$$ for a retina display when its just sitting in the glove box being remote controlled by the stereo head unit? Take the money away from the fancy schmancy touch screen and bulk up on storage.

      Its time to go buy a classic before they are gone.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but I NEVER use my iPhone 4 for music and definitely prefer a separate device – the iPod – for that. My iPad for movies, browsing, etc.. I only like the extra memory on my phone for taking movies and shooting pics. So I’ll be delighted to see a solid state 128Gb iPod Touch. My 60Gb 2002 iPod though still works fine as does my 2007 160Gb (though the first two I received of this model arrived DOA before I got a working third one!). Maybe someone will make an external controller for those who can’t use the touch screen.

  4. iCloud negates the need for a 64 GB iPhone (and it’s higher price). Why does someone need their entire music library with them at all times? iOS 5 brings wireless syncing, so that makes things easier. iTunes match as well, and you can just use WiFi.

    1. Gosh, yeah, with AT&T starting to tighten the screws on the top 5% of data users, let’s just stream our entire music library! /sarcasm

      I will be first in line for a 64GB iPhone, so I can carry my entire music library with me without needing to tote around a separate iPod.

      They say the best camera is the one you always have with you. Same goes for your music listening device.

    2. Rubbish. I have currently over 100Gb in iTunes, and more being added from new and old CDs. A 64Gb iPhone can only carry a small selection of that, along with space needed for navigation maps, books, photos, and other stuff. I’m on holiday at the moment, and the pub I’m staying at has wifi, fortunately, as there is virtually no phone signal, and data is entirely out of the question. iCloud is utterly useless once away from the building, and using any process that requires a data link is fucked, like Google Maps, for example. I navigate around the maze of narrow lanes using OS maps native to my phone, and I need them to cover large areas of England. I’d be even happier with a 128Gb iPhone, and as my contract runs until next May, I might just get my wish come next October. I live in hope. iCloud is useful, but when there’s no data network available, it falls flat on it’s ass.

  5. The iPod was great but mine has been plugged into my car for the last few years. Dials are dead, touch is the way to go. I don’t really care about storage but I would **really** like to see month to month 3g like the iPad on the next version of the iTouch.

  6. Just try using an iPod touch without looking at it. I can stick an iPod photo in my shirt pocket and control it right through my pocket, really is nice when on an airplane. Can’t do that with a touch, even the volume buttons are too small.

    Further, I use the iPod photo as a secondary disk. Can’t do that with my 64 GB iPod touch either.

  7. hi there apple is soo anti-hard drives there going probally sell a 256 gb flash ipod too end hard drive sells too zero hard drive sells they offer 768 gegabytes flash storage in macbooks with retna dissplays imacs and 512 gegabytees flash in macbook airs and 128 gegabytes flash storage in a ipad

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