AT&T confirms iPhone insurance hike on October 4th

“Insurance costs will indeed be going up for AT&T iPhone owners on October 4th, as rumored, a page on the carrier’s website reveals,” Electronista reports.

“On that date insurance rates are scheduled to jump from $5 to $7, affecting new and existing customers alike,” Electronista reports. “The hike is happening in conjunction with the creation of a new device tier, covering the iPhone and “other devices” for which a $199 non-refundable deductible will apply.”

More info in the full article here.

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  1. If the phone were made by anybody other than Apple, I could see the need for insurance (perhaps). What the sleazes at AT&T don’t realize is that if you have a problem with the iPhone (sometimes even self-induced, they will go into the back and get you another one.

    My wife had an iPhone4 that the home button started going flaky. She took it into the Apple store and they gave her a new on on the spot. No hassle, no insurance, no waiting.

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