Chitika: Microsoft’s Windows shows decline, Apple’s Mac gains in September 2011

Chitika Insights’ Ryan Cavanagh has published an infographic showing operating system market share for September 2011.

Apple’s Mac operating system share, propelled by the released of Mac OS X Lion, increased its share by over 1% in September 2011. Mac OS X currently has 10.5% of the OS market.

Microsoft’s Windows OS share continued to drop, losing 1.35% since July 2011. Windows currently stands at 77.7%.

In addition, Android remained stagnant for the third consecutive month with 3.3% of the operating systems measured by Chitika. Apple’s iOS currently holds 5.2% of the market ahead of an expected iPhone refresh.

Linux sits at 2.3%.

More info here.


  1. I thought I saw a report that said Android was much higher than these numbers? Certainly higher than the iOS devices. What Gives?

    I love these numbers but still am perplexed by all these numbers being tossed around.

    1. The recent “share numbers” you saw were for a survey of purchases in the past month and the past three months. This is mostly likely a break down of web traffic on a
      large scale which would show install base. Also it’s for all iOS devices vs all android devices (in addition to OS X, Windows a Linux) not just iPhone vs android which the previcous survey was.

      1. I think you are right! Most other reports say iOS has a lower penetration than Android. This report/graph would seem to account for “All Things iOS”. Not Skewed like the other reports I have read. 🙂

    2. iOS is still larger because the Nielsen etc numbers only count SMARTPHONE and leave out iPad and iPod touch. (Chitka said android is ‘stagnat because possibly the gain in smartphone share as recorded in nielsen is very small when you consider total os share with windows desktop etc).

      From Google and Apple’s last announcements some months ago iOS activations are 222 million and android 135 million.

      Interestingly also Google also said recently that two thirds of Google web searches for mobile comes from iOS (i.e Google makes more money from iOS than Android!)

    3. The numbers you see trotted out are ‘iPhone vs. Android.’ Beyond the stupidity of comparing a device (iPhone) to an operating system (Android), they are talking about market share, i.e. current unit sales, not installed base.

      If a proper market share comparison is made, e.g. operating system to operating system, iOS remains *far* ahead of Android because iOS is used in four successful types of devices (iPhone, Apple TV, iPod touch, iPad). Android is pretty much all about smartphones. If you compare device to device, the iPhone is the world’s best-selling smartphone.

      Finally, in terms of installed base, iOS is also far ahead of Android. Back in June, the numbers stated at Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC were 100 million and 200 million for Android and iOS respectively.

      Don’t be misled.

  2. @iQuack:

    Android phones have a greater market share than iPhones. However, iOS has a greater market share than Android OS. This is because iOS runs on multiple devices types, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. In other words, there are a greater number of iOS devices in the marketplace than Android devices.

  3. I also hear that iPhone, iPod, iPad users make more use of the internet thru apps etc. So while many companies are selling cheap droid phones to get market share, Apple is selling equipment that people use….a lot.

    Sounds like a plan to me.

  4. I wondered what that sound was that I heard the last few nights. It must have been from a chorus of wailing Wintards around the world. I can hardly wait for a tipping point where Windows usage takes a nice big drop.

  5. Another fake statistic bought and paid for by google PR.

    They really should spend considerably less of their shareholders money on black ops marketing propaganda and more on tangible innovation.

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