Sprint to cap mobile hotspot data to 5GB on October 2nd

“And the cutbacks continue! We’ve seen ETFs increase, Sprint Premier go away, upgrade fees raised, what next?,” Mark Hearn asks for SprintFeed.

“We can now add Phone as a Modem to the list,” Hearn reports. “Our beloved Super Spies have been bringing the pain lately and today is no exception! Starting on October 2nd the Now Network will be switching up their mobile hotspot plans by placing a 5GB cap on them.”

Hearn reports, “If you’re one of the bold few that plans on going over your limit, we must warn you that the new setup will charge you at a rate of five cents per MB.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just in time for…

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    1. Exactly! As was said earlier today:
      “Sprint Nextel would need to change its full year guidance for 2011 if the company started selling the Apple Inc iPhone, Chief Executive Dan Hesse said on Wednesday,” Reuters reports.
      Or is it OK to knowingly make public statements that deceive your investors?

  1. It is a cap when you advertise something as being unlimited when it’s actually not. Sprint needs to stop airing that deceptive commercial they have running right now in light of this development too.

  2. Just in time….for me not to switch and stick with my unlimited plan. What a stupid move on sprints part. Wait until you see how much traffic you get first then adjust accordingly.

  3. Wow!

    $50 per GB on Sprint Now Network home of the Gold Plated Data Plan

    I want some of those outrageous profits too.

    That means my AT&T 3G iPad 1 plan with unlimited data on AT&T is worth a ton of money if I need to sell my iPad.

    I love AT&T, they have been good to me and the iPad 1.

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