5 things you won’t see at Apple’s October 4th special media event

“As Apple prepares for its Oct. 4 iPhone introduction, you can feel the thrill starting to build around all the other possible treats that might be on the docket,” Scott Moritz writes for TheStreet. “On tap for the big Apple showcase is new chief Tim Cook and his unveiling of the delayed iPhone 5. Analysts say the new phone has a dual-core processor and an improved camera.”

But here’s what’s not on tap for the Apple show:

5. 4G LTE iPhone
4. iPad 3
3. iTV (Apple television)
2. Stock rally
1. Steve Jobs: “Sadly, that day has come” and gone. Tech’s master showman, the top tastemaker in the world of gadgets, the Thomas Edison of our time, Steve Jobs will not take the stage. And it’s at times like these, when his “one more thing” schtick and his “magical” and “revolutionary” pronouncements about the newest device will be missed the most.”

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    1. I think the Edison comparison is spot on. Both inventors combined the best technologies of their day to create products that sparked the imaginations(and wallets) of consumers. Also, I see many parallels between the flash/html5 and AC/DC debates.

  1. There will never be any Apple product by the name of “iTV” unless Apple buys the trademark.

    When Steve Jobs first revealed the Apple TV, he said emphatically that “iTV” was a code name during development and would not be the name of the product. The owner of the trademark, who has a product named iTV in Britain, protested the use of the name “iTV,” probably as a preemptive measure.

    Apparently, columnists don’t have very long memories, because I keep seeing this name come up in product prognostications every so often.

  2. “…when his “one more thing” schtick and his “magical” and “revolutionary” pronouncements about the newest device will be missed the most.”

    Okay, quick poll…

    How many think it would be cool for Cook to actually do this? It wouldn’t be the same, of course, so the question becomes “Will it be cool, or look desparate and therefore lame?” I’d like for him to do it, but only if he has tested it and knows he can pull it off.

    1. It would be perfectly natural and a touching demonstration of genuine affection and acknowledgement of all things ‘Steve’ for Tim to do it his first time hosting, but not as a continuing ‘tradition.’. This is assuming it will in fact be Tim hosting the event.

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