Google launches Google Wallet service weeks ahead of iPhone 5 refresh

“While some reports have suggested Apple could introduce support for NFC-based payments in a new iPhone model as early as this fall, rival Google on Monday launched its own NFC solution conceived initially for Sprint Android smartphones,” Chris Smith reports for AppleInsider.

“Google Wallet was first announced and demoed in May during the company’s Google I/O event and is initially available to Sprint Nexus S 4G users through an over-the-air firmware update,” Smith reports. “The Mountain View, Calif., company is working with Citi and Mastercard to help Android smartphone owners use their device as a payment method at stores that support the new technology.”

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Smith reports, “The launch of Google Wallet comes just weeks before Apple is expected to introduce its next-gen iPhone. Reports have suggested Apple could, as soon as next month, announce two distinct iPhone models: a cheaper iPhone 4S model, expected to be based on the current iPhone 4 design, and an all-new iPhone 5. The latter model has been rumored on more than one occasion to make use of a NFC chip that would allow customers to use it as a virtual wallet.”

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  1. yeah! Are you really gonna trust your money to the second most vulnerable OS in the world? Microsoft has already cost BILLIONs of dollars because of security holes. Android has accumulated more virus, malwares and security holes in a few months than windows in 10 years. Are you sure you want to put your money in a wallet with so much holes that you can throw a truck in there and its going to pass trough?

  2. Apple has easily proven that a semi-closed, controlled OS+hardware experience is a better and safer bet than a semi-open, multi-hardware experience. Just research security, viruses, Google and/or Microsoft and the evidence speaks volumes.

    I’ll wait for whatever Apple has to offer… thanks.

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