Apple donates thousands of first-gen iPads to teachers in America’s poorest schools

As “part of a public service program Apple initiated last spring with the launch of the iPad 2… owners of first-generation iPads who had no use for them were invited to donate the devices to teachers in low-income communities,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“It’s not clear how many units Apple collected, but in August every Teach for America corps member — more than 9,000 in 38 states — was offered a free iPad 1,” P.E.D. reports. “Teach for America has a connection with Apple through Steve Jobs’ family. His wife, Laurene Powell, sits on its board of directors.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. My wife taught special needs children and it would be great to include those teachers and students. The iPad would have made a great difference with those teachers and students. Even the students with very limited abilities would have gained a lot from the iPads. We donated our older Macs and help to set them up in her classroom for years.

    This is a good program to support. I hope special needs students are helped first.

  2. This is a wonderful deed being executed by Apple. People tend to forget what a philanthropist the Job’s family is. No one truly has an idea how much Steve and his wife have donated and I would bet that it would be an amount that would stun us all on the positive side. God bless Steve and his family!

      1. i honestly don’t get nor care to get insight into this “let me tell you how you did it wrong” kind of thinking. of course, it’s totally easy to sit on the sidelines and tell everybody else how they are doing things wrong. my respect always goes to the ones in the ring, on the field, grunting their way through and doing good along the way. good move on apple’s part.

    1. The iPad 2 had no stock left over or in inventory to give away. They are purchased as fast as the can fly off the production line.The original iPad has been made and a surplus exists. Freely distribute and those receiving will be happy and those buying are happy.
      Do not upset your paying customers as they fight to give you money.

      1. Are you suggesting that Apple should buy up all surplus stocks of TouchPads for $99 each since they cost a third of the price to manufacture an iPad and would therefore represent a cost saving and secondly, are easily available for purchase in the market owing to unsold stock.

        If you’re merely unloading unsold inventory on children in the guise of charity then in reality there’s no charity involved, just stock dumping.

        1. Well, as charity, it would be kind to buy those HP units to save the unfortunate few of misery. But, on the flip side, supporting such misery only extents the time it can be inflicted. But, if stock dumping cause such joy to those that recieve it- the greater good is served.

          Ummm, yea. It makes “smarter kids” per studies and even kids with disabilities enjoy and learn from them. Dump that stock! Help the world and spread the joy…


    2. They could of gave them iPad 3 when they come out too, dummie ….

      Read the press release, dummie, Apple got the iPads from their customers, took them I’m, refurbished and gave them away …..

      As for what and how much cash Apple gives to charity is a whole different deal …..

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