Samsung to seek iPhone 5 ban in Korea

“Samsung Electronics is seeking a complete ban on the sales of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 in Korea, in apparent retaliation to its U.S. rival’s continual patent suits against it in global markets,” Kim Yoo-chul reports for The Korea Times.

“Sources closely involved with the thorny issue including Samsung insiders made the comments Sunday as the two technology firms’ patent war is set to spread from Europe to the rest of the world,” Kim reports. “‘Just after the arrival of the iPhone 5 here, Samsung plans to take Apple to court here for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents,’ said a senior executive from Samsung Electronics, asking not to be identified. ‘For as long as Apple does not drop mobile telecommunications functions, it would be impossible for it to sell its i-branded products without using our patents. We will stick to a strong stance against Apple during the lingering legal fights.'”

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Kim reports, “KT and SK Telecom have sold some 2.7 million and 400,000 iPhones in the local market, respectively. The iPhone 5 will make its debut here in the not-so-distant future through the two carriers.”

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  1. You know what would be fantastic. If this whole entire patent war ended up causing the respective patent offices to invalidate a lot of obvious patents. Stuff like “Using a microchip to wirelessly send data” seems ridiculous.

  2. Can’t see how they can do this. Surely the radio tech used in the iPhone is common to other mobile phones, Apple after all use radio chips supplied by Qualcomm and others, so the patents are surely already covered. They’d have to ban practically every phone with the same radio chips. Sounds like desperation.

    1. If the patent is valid in the country of patent’s jurisdiction, then it doesn’t matter how widely it is used. Anyone who hasn’t secured a license and is selling technology that uses patented method/apparatus is in violation, even if it means every single mobile phone out there.

      Obviously, it is very questionable if what they claim is violation actually really is violation.

      They’re hoping to scare Apple into cross-licensing. To quote that ‘Daily News’ mock video, “They don’t know who they’re messin’ with”.

      1. You cannot force anyone who isn’t licensing their technology to licence it. On the other hand, if someone is licensing their IP they cannot discriminate between licencees or prices.

    2. I agree and I was actually thinking this same thing. Apple has not developed their own wireless chips (as far as I know), so Samsung’s beef should be with Qualcomm, et al, who designed and implemented the chips, not the person who used them.

      It’s like Ford suing me because Chevy used Ford tech in an engine used in a car I bought.

  3. And Apple doesn’t have absurd patents? You fanboys are delusional. The entire patent system is messed. I get what Samsung has done in terms of design. But, Apple is playing with fire. It’s always a risk suing big companies like Samsung because they have a zillion patents themselves and can usually find things to sue right back. The whole thing is a mess for both players, and neither is going to make it out unscathed. If Samsung gets a judgement on telecommunications tech Apple is as screwed as Samsung.

    1. Thanks for that broad generalization; I’d like to take a moment to disagree with your conclusion.

      I never said “…causes patent offices to invalidate Samsung’s patents”, I said “…causes patent offices to invalidate obvious patents”.

      Stupid patents hurt innovation, regardless of who owns them and my comment was aimed at stupid patents owned by all (Samsung, Google, Apple… everyone).

      1. What!, if you look chief, Apple has been sued more then it has sued others.

        Apple it is protecting it’s rights, you Apple haters are all alike, no brains and certainly you haven’t a clue, at all about protecting your rights under law.

        You idiots that hate Apple think everything shoul be free and Apple has no rights to protect its I.P.

        Well look at all the cases Apple has won in protecting itself, the courts have sided with them over and over and you fools keep going on how Apple is the Problem.

        What fools you are, As always Apple haters are just haters.

        1. “What fools you are, As always Apple haters are just haters.”

          “What fools you are, As always Apple haters are just takers.”

          That takers are the Android pouch monkeys who wait for their free welfare check and the newest Android apps they can pirate today.

    2. What’s absurd is your straw man argument. Of COURSE, Apple must have some absurd patents, but we’re not talking about Apple’s absurd patents. We’re talking about the idiotic response of Samsung. Almost all the patents involved in communications is included in the industry standards under FRAND terms. Either Apple’s component suppliers are paying for those licenses or Apple is. Korea is an important market, because they adopt new tech far faster than most countries, but due to their size, they are still far less important than the markets were Samsung may be blocked like Europe or the US. So, if Samsung wins, it’s a small deal.

  4. I wish Apple would setup manufacturing here in the US….reliance on these Asian companies seems risky…I would be more than happy to pay extra for Made in the US Apple products…

    1. Sure they could do that. Particularly since more and more stuff will be robotically assembled anyway…. BUT – Our insane corporate tax structure here in the US (highest or second highest in the world) makes that a non-starter. And then you’ll still have all the other components which would still be made in the far east.

      1. tax rates on paper are insane but with all the loopholes corporations barely pay any tax and in some cases nothing at all….they can import the other components and still assemble it here….

      2. Even if you got rid of ALL the corporate taxes, labor is too expensive. The reason that Apple product (and most everybody else’s) are priced as they are is because they use cheap labor.
        If they were built in the USA you basic model iPad would likely cost closer to $800 or $1,00 instead of $499.
        I wish America could be the manufacturing powerhouse it once was, but unless US worker are willing to take a MASSIVE pay cut (around 70% to 80%) it ain’t gonna happen.

        I am not against labor or business, I just don’t see how more tax brakes will be enough to bring the jobs back from over seas.

        1. Amen Rev! The corporate tax garbage is more biznizz BS from the greedy, deceitful Corporate Oligarchy psychopaths and their Republican puppets.

          The pressure for slave wage labor has been going on for DECADES. It’s not going away. Commie China knows this and sucks on our money in order to become a new military empire. We shop at Walmart, Chinese military domination of Asia grows.

          End result: Bye bye USA relevance in the world. Darn, the Corporate Oligarchy slit its own throat. Hello new Dark Age. War between the remaining powers: Muslim Empire versus Asian Empire, ultra-BOOM! Oh well. Better luck next timeline. 😉

  5. South Korea has always been protective of its home-grown products with import tarrifs to prop the GDP up and to force Korean-brand loyalty. The Equus model from Hyundai was a Lexus knock-off for Koreans who couldn’t afford the real deal for 2x more money.

    I predict they will do the same with the iPhone… They’ll tell Samsung they won’t ban it, but slap a massive import tax on it to help Samsung keep local market share.

      1. Yes South Koreans are proud of Samsung and most every other Korean company. South Koreans are too sensitive and cannot take any criticism of any kind. So it is hard NOT to insult them. Just telling the trust and stating facts (about anything) can be insulting.

        Forget Public Relations!!! Im sure many Koreans are already insulted but the lawsuits, believing Samsung is under attack by a Foreign Company. I suppose Samsung blatantly copying Apple is great public relations.

      2. @TFlint
        Exactly how am I asking Apple to insult Samsung or ‘an entire nation’?

        I have my own opinions, and I am free to vote with my wallets.

        I wasn’t a fan of Google and their CEO later joining the Apple board didn’t change my low opinions of Google. Similarly, Apple may one day cozy up with Samsung again for mutual benefits, but it wouldn’t change my opinion much until Samsung would change its blatantly copycatting culture.

        Many of Apple fans worldwide are particular with their tastes and opinions; I’m merely asking them to exercise their opinions in the matter with their purchasing habits.

        Boycott EVERYTHING Samsung for as long as it takes.

  6. Good idea. It should also be made law…

    Any Korean person caught using an iPhone or iPad or iMac shall be convicted – lol in an attempt to copy it’s technology.

    But honestly, I feel Apple needs to kill the deal with Samsung and to be careful with LG- better yet find another supplier outside of Korea. Better yet build a production plant in the USA or Canada and provide jobs to North Americans. If not, buyout Samasung.

  7. I don’t recall purchasing anything Samsung but this will put a black mark by their name and I will never buy anything they make again.

    I sure hope Apple does not renew its contract with them.

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