Conan O’Brien: Apple wants its lost iPhone 5 (with video)

Conan O’Brien, on his TBS show “Conan,” addressed reports that an Apple Inc. engineer last week left a working iPhone 5 prototype in a bar where it promptly disappeared.

“Obviously, Apple wants this prototype back,” O’Brien explained during his monologue.

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“They’ve already released an ad to address this situation,” explained O’Brien. “We have a copy. Take a look.”


[Attribution: TNW. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “HotinPlaya” for the heads up.]


    1. Yeah. Buggered if I know…I see nothing funny in this. I think it’s clear that different cultures have different tastes. An American friend finds nothing funny in “Yes Minister” which I think defines comedy. Yet Americans probably have never heard of it. Damned pity.

    1. Conan is an acquired taste and not many people enjoy his type of humour. Leno seems to be more appealing to a wider audience (lowest common denominator). My reason for preferring Conan over Leno is because Leno is a back-stabbing, self-serving @$$hole, who first screwed Letterman out of the rightfully earned and deserved position of the ‘Tonight Show’ host (19 years ago; google The Late Shift), then did even worse to Conan (passing the show to him: “Conan it’s yours. See you in five years, buddy”), then to take the show back from him and practically force him out of late night for a long while.

      As dry as Conan’s humour can sometimes be, I’d rather watch him than the duplicitous, dishonest, selfish Leno.

      1. Mr. O’Brien’s humour is anything but acquired taste. It’s college humour–in your face, tickle you till you laugh at the constant self-deprecating coolness kind of humour. Sometimes it’s funny, even clever in it’s non-edgy version of Letterman, which the frat boys of different generations have enjoyed. You don’t have to always grok the humour, it doesn’t always have to be high-brow. It’s mostly littered with pop-culture references packaged in a way that you are expected to grasp the wink-winks without the laugh-tracks to clue you in. It’s The Simpsons (O’Brien is an alumnus) and the Family Guy. I have found most people enjoy these shows, seasons after tired seasons, because many feel they are expected to enjoy these to be hip.

        Acquired taste, like Apple, that’s a Letterman territory.

  1. If it wasn’t for the rise of the xbox, big corporations steal my money when I buy from them, ripping off stuff is my civil right and I shall riot, plunder and pillage whenever I want, generation, this could be funny.

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