Teamsters Union President Hoffa: Obama should attack ‘unpatriotic’ Apple for not building factories in America

“International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union President Jim Hoffa told Candy Crowley on ‘State of the Union’ that President Obama should attack American companies in his upcoming speech for being “unpatriotic” by investing on other countries,” Joel Gehrke reports for The Washington Examiner.

“Hoffa admitted that it is cheaper for companies to invest in other countries – ‘we know that,’ he said – but maintained that companies ‘have an obligation to America to build [factories] in America,'” Gehrke reports. “Hoffa then called on Obama to attack companies who invest overseas in his upcoming jobs speech.”

“Hoffa continued by calling Apple ‘unpatriotic’ for considering construction of a factory in Mexico,” Gehrke reports. “He argued that labor costs are not too high for companies to succeed in the United States.”

“Hoffa also suggested a tax incentive to get companies ‘off the sidelines, get into the game and start spending some of that money here in America and put America back to work,” Gehrke reports. “The problem with the union pushing the President to dangle a carrot to companies is that they also have Obama carrying a huge stick in the form of his National Labor Relations Board, which has sued Boeing to close a non-union factory that the airplane manufacturer built in the right-to-work state of South Carolina.”

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    1. Unions suck. Liberals suck. Maobama sucks.

      We will vote these Freedom hating scum bags out in 2012! Maobama and fellow comrades are egging this guy on too. What absolute scum. Who the hell would want to provide any kind of work in the US for lunatics like that and his lazy, unproductive, over paid minions???? It is insane what is going on lately. Liberals gone wild. Their end game is communism or bowing to a King or Dictator that tells us all what we can and cant’ do or can and can’t have. No freedom to make it on your own. I hate liberals!!!!!!!!

      Why do we have some jack ass that was raised mainly in another country as president of the US. He has a phony Social Security number and most likely birth certificate. He won’t show his college records because they show he was a foreign exchange student. He is buddies with terrorists (Bill Ayres). He is a cocaine addict. He still smokes. He lies endlessly. How freaking stupid are you democrat losers????

      1. “Legal US Citizen” You’re a complete right wing lemming who cares nothing about facts. I doubt you’re even a Mac user probably just some right wing nut job holed up in some log cabin trolling the internet for any Obama story to spew your ignorant hate at.

        I’m not a liberal and Obama has been a disappointment but calling Obama a “cocaine addict” is so moronic that you instantly lose all credibility.

        MDN really needs to monitor these kinds of posts and delete them. Most MDN readers come here for discussions and news about technology not politics.

        Then again, judging by MDN’s love for Rush L. maybe they’re just trying to increase their hits with cheap and easy stories to get hits.

        1. Hey Scabbro,

          Obamagedden brags about his cocaine use in his book. His assistants talk about him still chain smoking when not in public view. Why are you trying to hide and cover up for the liar in chief, foreign raised, illegal alien president? Look up his social security number and college records and see what you find you liberal-troll-lemming-communist dirt ball. Just like a liberal to try to silence free speech. You are a liberal and it’s obvious. Stuff you hypocrite. I’m sure you were jumping for joy with flailing wrists every time George Bush or Reagan (if you were even born yet) was bashed in the news.

          1. O My God Obama smokes!
            Don Juan, are you the only one who knows about this?
            Hells Bells, he smokes, cigarettes no less. Of all the bad rotten things a man could do on this planet…
            Ooooooooo! He SMOKES!

        2. Sorry dimwit.

          Unless I missed the election, you are not the arbiter of subject matter or taste on this site.

          Hoffa:like father like son. He may be visiting his father’s grave some day.

      2. “communism or bowing to a King or Dictator”

        Communism vehemently rejects the idea of kings and dictators.

        Which should tell you something about all the “communist” regimes that are presided over by kings and dictators.

        “I hate liberals!!!!!!!!”

        That’s nice. Now how about explaining why you hate Obama W. Bush? If you despise liberals then it stands to figure you should love him for a variety of reasons.

        And the irony of it all is, if he loses in 2012 then he’ll just be replaced by somebody identical to him. But would you lemmings rail against the replacement? No, because the replacement would be a Republican instead of a Democrat, which means you’d mindlessly eat up whatever they say and ignore their sins.

        And of course the liberals are composed mostly of such lemmings as well.

        The whole nation loses in perpetuity thanks to an electorate like you. So thanks a bunch. Really.

        1. No dummy. If a conservative makes it in things will be on the right path at least. With an attitude like yours we all might as well jump off a cliff. Communism is king or dictator fool. The communist government acts as one collective dictator. Think about if it doesn’t hurt your brain to much to think. Liberals really are pathetic.

          1. Right. We had a conservative president for 20 of the last 31 years.. are we on the right track? Since 1980, the top 20% have seen their incomes rise 55% while the bottom 20% have actually had a 4% decline in their real incomes. Since 1980, our deficit has ballooned to incredible proportions.

            The thing is.. it’s not even about conservative vs. liberal anymore. It doesn’t matter if we have a democrat or republican in the oval office or in control of congress. Money has polluted the entire system, and really has become a battle of the haves vs the have-nots. And by ‘have nots’ I am including the american middle class. Productivity has gone through the roof, but wages have stagnated since the 80’s. Supply side economics clearly does not work. We have run the experiment for 30 years now, and what we get is huge income disparity and stagnation. All the gains made by productivity growth has gone straight into the pockets of large corporations and their investors (who only have to pay 15% on that income unlike those of us who earn wages) and overseas to cheap labor countries.

            1. Most of the bad things are because of liberals in congress jb. You know it, all of us enlightened ones know it. The massive size of the government and it’s phony EPA, FED, Fannie, Freddie, Unions, and on and on departments kill the economy and the US. Social Security was set up as scam to confiscate even more money. They never thought the masses would live get it paid back to them. Right now we’re stuck with it. Conservatives aren’t for any of that.

          2. “If a conservative makes it in things will be on the right path at least”

            This is exactly what I’m talking about. If a Republican makes it in, things will be on the exact same path that they currently are under Obama. However, Republican lemmings would shut their real eyes tight and pretend it was the right path because it would be on of their party members in the Whitehouse instead of a Democrat.

            Just like what the Democrat lemmings are doing with Obama. The man continued following the disastrous path laid down by Bush, but suddenly it was the right path in their eyes because now it was a Democrat walking it.

            There are of course conservatives and liberals who aren’t lemmings, but compared to the ones who are, they’re very few and far between. Most would rather tow the party line with their brains shut off. Like somebody whose name rhymes with Garen.

            “Communism is king or dictator fool. The communist government acts as one collective dictator.”

            Hahahahahaha, oh god.

            “Collective dictator” describes every government everywhere, ever. Legal US Citizen obviously meant a literal king or dictator, which is ironic because that would violate everything communism stands for. Even more ironic, so-called communist governments like North Korea revolve around a singular king or dictator figure, showing you just how communist they really are. I.e., not at all.

            The “commies” promised the public one thing in order to win their support, then once they were in power, they delivered something else entirely. And a lot of people chose to keep believing in the promise rather than face harsh reality.

            Hmm… I think I just inadvertently summed up politics in a nutshell there…

      3. The only coke snorting president we have had was the one that wasn’t elected, but was appointed by a Teapublican Supreme Court. He’s also the same one whose rich daddy pulled strings to get him into the National Guard to avoid being drafted so Junior could go AWOL. And the best part yet? The reason Junior was AWOL from the Guard was because he was doing community service for a cocaine conviction with Houston PUSH. Now that’s priceless!

      1. Losers?

        Yeah losing is how the Dems gained control of the Senate and Executive.

        You right-wingers are really pathetic with your name-calling and ridiculous character attacks. How about a reasoned debate? No, that would surpass the intellectual capacity of most of those who typically resort to the tactics of children when arguing against the other side.

        What, Bush’s cocaine use, excessive drinking and sketchy military past are all okay? No less so than whatever Obama has done in my mind.

        Stop watching solely Fox News and merely regurgitating what the inflammatory talking heads have to say and start thinking for yourself!

        1. Hey Dildo,

          Losing is what happened to liberal scum in the 2010 elections numb nuts. Wait for 2012, it’s going to be even worse for you communists in training. Name calling? Are you kidding? That’s all you slimy sleaze balls do is name call. Go straight to he’ll dude.

  1. Another portion of the article:

    Hoffa does not seem concerned that the United States Postal Service needs a bailout from Congress to avoid having to close their doors. Why?

    The New York Times explains: “Decades of contractual promises made to unionized workers, including no-layoff clauses, are increasing the post office’s costs. Labor represents 80 percent of the agency’s expenses, compared with 53 percent at United Parcel Service and 32 percent at FedEx, its two biggest private competitors. Postal workers also receive more generous health benefits than most other federal employees.”

    In other words, the USPS needs Congress to pay for their union contracts, while FedEx and UPS are benefiting from a much smaller union force. A bailout for the Post Office is a bailout for labor unions, just as the auto company bailouts proved little more than kickbacks to unions, and just as a program that punishes American companies for avoiding Hoffa and his union will be another example of the close alliance between President Obama and Big Labor in this country.

    Unions. The only reason Obama got elected in the first place. Union motto: Vote early, vote often. Unions are the only reason why Obama took over GM instead of letting it go into bankruptcy as it should have. Greedy unions are a main reason why this country doesn’t work anymore.

    If you bolt things together for a “living,” you’re not supposed to have a $500k house in the tony suburbs. That is reserved for people who add much more value into the economy than you do. The sooner the blue collar set gets reintroduced to reality, the better.

    1. You know, I don’t disagree with most of your comment, but it would’ve been more effective if you hadn’t thrown in the GM bit. An initial “bridge loan” was under President Bush’s administration. Bank bailouts were also done under Bush–or does that not count, because banks aren’t unionized?

    2. “The New York Times explains: “Decades of contractual promises made to unionized workers, including no-layoff clauses, are increasing the post office’s costs. Labor represents 80 percent of the agency’s expenses, compared with 53 percent at United Parcel Service and 32 percent at FedEx, its two biggest private competitors. Postal workers also receive more generous health benefits than most other federal employees.”

      Much of what they say is true. However, one should realize that UPS and FedEx aren’t encumbered by ‘law’ to have to deliver door to door letters at 50¢ a pop to anywhere in the United States of America.

      In addition, the contractual promises were made at the time that everyone was benefitting from a spiraling upward economic trend.

      As well, “greedy” is a description that could well be applied to much of the populous. And to suggest that it only relates to ‘union’ members is ludicrous; when white-collar workers, management and so-called entrepreneurial business people have more than ripped off their fellow-man than those wearing collars of blue.

      What is also interesting is a comment made by a former professor of political science of mine who iterated that one of the reasons for the success of America was the advances in transportation. At that particular time, no other country in the world was benefitting as much as the US re its food sources/supplies. While others depended most on their local farmers to seasonally satisfy their palates, we were enjoying strawberries virtually any day of the year.

      P.S. One has to wonder how well UPS and FedEx would do if Apple were to begin manufacturing at home. Realizing of course that one is unionized more than the other and the issues governing such.* Needless to say that much of the success of these delivery companies is enjoyed by the extensive involvement they partake in getting products from foreign countries thousands of miles away. Not next door.


      1. Your argument about the USPS being required by law to deliver letters at a fixed rate cuts both ways. No other company, by law, can offer letter delivery service. That’s why FedEx and UPS are parcels only.

        The USPS is weighed down by union contracts for sure, but it’s also required to fund retirement accounts for it’s 900,000 member workforce. Only problem with that is the USPS only has 250,000 employees because it has greatly reduced it’s workforce since the law requiring retirement funding was passed. So it’s required to fund pay money into a retirement fund for fictional employees.

        The real problem with the USPS is that it is run ultimately by Congress. It needs to be a quasi-governmental entity, with some broad mandates but permitted to operate as a business and respond like one.

    1. I guess the big new (spaceship?) campus Apple is planning in Cupertino doesn’t count. Hmm, I guess it could be built elsewhere? The Hoffa-ites are the cause of the problems, but they do know how to grease the palms of the politicians.

  2. The Unions are why we lost manufacturing to other countries. A company such as Apple can not make the product here in the States because the Unions would want to much an hour and all the other benefits. Sure Every American deserves good pay when earned. But Companies need to make a profit. I would love to see Designed in California and made in the U.S.A. But until the Unions take a reality check in wages. It will not happen!

    1. You are so misguided, I do not even know why I am wasting my time.

      Unions are not the reason we lost jobs to other countries. Greedy shareholders may like to spin that tale, but the facts do not support their argument. America has the biggest gap between the top and bottom wages in the ENTIRE world chief, look it up. You want to continue to reward the greed at the top by increasing the gap at the expense of the bottom? Who is gonna buy the products in that model?

      Enjoy your slavery fool.

      1. Ooooo, greedy shareholders, evil corporations. Spoken like a true class warfare communist. Corporations are made up of people that choose to work their you freaking idiot. They are people. If you don’t like the job leave. You liberals are so brain washed it’s scary.

    2. Unions are the best thing that ever happened to the American worker. Companies have off shored manufacturing to countries like India and china where employees are basically indentured servants for one reason – profit and rules that were lax enough to allow them to import goods back to the US consumer market which was in turn propped up by loose credit during the housing bubble. Hence we had consumption without jobs creation. The TEA PARTY has an answer for you- structure our economy more like Chinas … Cut social programs …. Cut the EPA, kill unions, increase spending on jackboot homeland security, fun. So the Tea Party would have the average American living more like the average Chinaman than the average German; ie do you want to be more like Germany or more like China. The teaparty are traitors.

      1. MacDrone,

        The foreign workers will work for less? why is that so bad? The EPA is a complete scam on US citizens. They are there only to drive up costs for everyone and do very little at an astronomical cost to tax payers. Maybe US citizens should work for less too. If you don’t want the job better yourself and find another job or start your own business. What is with you moronic liberals that think the government and unions are the answer to your prayers. They are the massive problem.

    3. We lost manufacturing to other countries because:

      1. Here in the USA, businesses aren’t allowed to pay their employees pennies a day for their labour.

      2. Businesses are allowed to outsource labour to countries that do pay their employees pennies a day.

      The solution is to either allow businesses to pay sweatshop level wages to domestic workers, or to close tax loopholes and impose fines so that outourcing labour becomes more expensive than using domestic workers.

      Lowering wages to a level where Americans still recieve good pay isn’t good enough.

      As long as it’s cheaper to outsource then outsourcing will continue to be widespread. Making it the more costly option is the only way to slam the breaks on it.

      Anything less doesn’t cut it.

  3. I bet Apple created more jobs then Hoffa. But I bet Hoffa lost more jobs then Apple created when Hoffa’s Union gets ultra greedy with their contract talks… “how much you gonna pay me, how many weeks vacation do I get, how many sick days do I get, 100% pension or nuttin’, you payin’ my health care benefits”. Its this “you need to give us more” attitude and ultra non-commital to their employer regarding duties and obligations, “That’s not in my contract” or “Not my job” or “My contract doesn’t allow me to do that” is why Apple doesn’t manufacture here.

    Who here, is the unpatriotic one?!

    Obama is a wuss. He wouldn’t attack Apple, he needs their $$$ to get his scrawny tail another four years in the WH and especially with the change in leadership at Apple, he’ll need to forge a new relationship. I guess that means an invite for Cook to come over for dinner.

  4. ROFL.
    My company saves the Teamsters lots of money each year. We sell embroidered patches/emblems and they won’t buy the USA made ones due to the cost. We sell them 1000’s of made in China patches with no “Made In…” stickers as they don’t want the stickers on the package.
    Difference between costs: USA patch: $1.50, Import: $0.45.

    Tell Hoffa to put his money where his mouth is.

  5. “Hoffa continued by calling Apple ‘unpatriotic’ for considering construction of a factory in Mexico, …” Idiot! Didn’t the USA government and EPA harass Halliburton a few years ago until they left America and relocated to Dubai, OAE? I know, lets piss off Apple so they will consider ALL of their world wide options and take the worlds largest most successful company somewhere else. Maybe Apple will want to buy a country first and then relocate there.

    I remember a prior Apple CEO (Steve Jobs) who purchased a large property in a state where he could get a liver transplant.

    When people and companies have lots of cash they also have lots of options. Apple’s responsibilities are to their stock holders and existing business and employee’s. If the government wants to encourage a company to invest and expand, you don’t piss them off regularly and take more of their money and assets.

  6. Given today’s realities, do you consider it patriotic to at least *look for* items made (mostly) in the USA, or is it better to just buy stuff from China, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Mexico, etc.?

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