Cupertino City Council to examine environmental impact of Apple’s new Mothership campus

“This Thursday from 6:30-8:30 PM, the Cupertino City Counsel [sic] will be holding a meeting to discuss the environmental impact of Apple’s proposed new campus,” Sarah Petit reports for Edible Apple.

The City of Cupertino will be the lead agency and will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Apple Campus 2 Project located on an approximately 176-acre site bounded by East Homestead Road on the north; properties adjacent to Tantau Avenue on the east; Interstate 280 on the south; and Wolfe Road on the west.

The City of Cupertino will be hosting a public meeting to receive input on the scope of the EIR. The purpose of the meeting will be to gather questions to be studied as part of the environmental review process.

Petit reports, “A live broadcast of the meeting will be available for viewing on the web over here.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: They’ll have the rubber stamp out at 6:31pm.


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      1. Maybe over several generations American politics has been exclusively dominated by Rs and Ds?

        Which political stories aren’t party biased? Can you even name any non-party politicians? And no Liberman doesn’t count. Can you even name a political issue that’s not part of an R or D platform?

        It’s impossible to deny Teams are and have been a very big problem, it’s also pure foolishness to try downplaying their increasing pervasiness as they continue to deploy forum comment drones into every fucking corner of the Internet.

    1. don’t get the “liberals” post. several states require EIS, EIA docs be filed for certain actions.
      my somewhat cynical bud with me atm, says the poster is likely some poor soul with time on his/her hands “trying to get involved with life, somehow” and this is their best shot.

    2. Typical flat earth, no growth commies who want to destroy jobs, the US, the constitution, freedom, individual rights, and anything else they touch. You communists need to stop ASAP. You’re out of control. We conservatives will vote you out and take back our country. No wonder all business moves over seas where you don’t have to deal with any of this BS and unions. Pathetic.

  1. Based on that last video of Steve Jobs unveiling the plans, I’d love to watch this one. Any way you look at it, those people were embarrassing. I’m sure the more complex the discussion, the more embarrassing they will be.

  2. Environmental Impact reports/statements are often required by law and are a good idea when creating buildings of this size. It has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. I’ve been involved in writing them in the past. Wouldn’t you want to know if a building and the work going on inside was going to affect the aquifer where you get your water? Or if it was going to pollute your air? Or, if you are a hunter, how it was going to disrupt the wildlife? Often certain flora or fauna protect the environment we love and could be threatened by development leading to disasterous results. There are many asoects of the environment to think about and its not all just tree-hugging. Often it’s very tangible results.

    1. Kinda… In this area there are lots of seemingly normal sounding issue with the environmental building surveys, like protecting the roots and drip areas of old valley oak trees for example. Typically a temporary cyclone fence is put up around the tree so you can’t park construction vehicles right under the tree. This sounds like a reasonable, even if the concern is highly exaggerated.

      However this is government we’re talking about, and the reality is that these laws tend to be inconsistent and often completely ineffective at their intended purpose. You can dump a bunch of wet concrete and let it drain all over the tree’s root system without any limitation in the same area, which will screw up the tree. The cars parked underneath it, like the contractor’s truck, won’t really do much to a 150 year old 4 story valley oak.

      Environmentalism is about feeling like you’re being good (kinda like Christianity), it’s not about logical application of the philosophy. They’ve already decided what the end result should be, making humans not be so dirty or something, then have plowed ahead without really testing the premise or if there’s really any harm. When presented with reality, it doesn’t do much to shake them because they are already convinced of human’s original sin and that we all need to be saved. That belief is cultivated purely through feelings of self impowerment, it has nothing to do with anybody or anything else. These kinds of belief systems are only about reinforcing selfishness in shallow people and cultivating modern superstition in the dim.

  3. Wow writing devil, you got me. You want to be my friend now? Was joking. Seems from here almost every topic gets a party line. Like: warming of the earth is a liberal conspiracy

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