Lawsuit says Microsoft tracks customers without consent

“Microsoft allegedly tracks the location of its mobile customers even after users request that tracking software be turned off, according to a new lawsuit,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, does that mean Microsoft will eventually have to pay every single South Korean Windows Phone ’07 user a nickel each, too? Wherever will they find the fifteen cents?

“The proposed class action, filed in a Seattle federal court on Wednesday, says Microsoft intentionally designed camera software on the Windows Phone 7 operating system to ignore customer requests that they not be tracked,” Levine reports. “The lawsuit comes after concerns surfaced earlier this year that Apple’s iPhones collected location data and stored it for up to a year, even when location software was supposedly turned off. Apple issued a patch to fix the problem.”

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“The lawsuit against Microsoft cites a letter the company sent to Congress, in which Microsoft said it only collects geolocation data with the express consent of the user,” Levine reports. “‘Microsoft’s representations to Congress were false,’ the lawsuit says.”

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  1. Folks get over yourself. When your cell phone is turned on your cell phone provider knows where you are at all times. You want them to come to your aid in an emergency, correct.

    If you have OnStar or the like they know where you are. Make a purchase with a check, debit card, and credit card, the bank knows where you are. Get on a plane, bus, transit, they know where you are. The list goes on.

    Get over it, you are just not that important. We are all the same as a bunch of grapes, one of the bunch.

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