Apple capitulates, resumes sales of $999 Final Cut Studio

“After seeing a strong user backlash against Final Cut Pro X, Apple has caved to pressure from the video editing community and resumed sales of Final Cut Studio, though it is currently only available over the phone,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“A person familiar with the matter told AppleInsider earlier this week that Apple had issued an internal note stating that Final Cut Studio, part number MB642Z/A, is again available for sale,” Ong reports. ‘It is only available through the internal store via telesales,’ the tipster added.”

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Ong reports, “However, calls placed to Apple by AppleInsider showed that not all sales staff have received the memo, as there appears to be some internal confusion over the status of the software.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Proof that Apple does indeed listen to their customers.

    However, they have the ability to make smart decisions regarding when to act on this feedback, and when to change a paradigm.

    1. A decision AS a new CEO, maybe, however, certainly not well executed. If you make a decision, be decisive about it.

      If Apple wants to sell the previous version and/or seat numbers, they should be clear about it and not go halfway with phone orders only. Not communicating with your own personnel about a product your company now ships/sells, that’s even worse.

      Having said all that, this report is from Apple Insider, not from Apple directly, and even then it’s unconfirmed: “A person familiar with the matter told AppleInsider earlier this week that Apple had issued an internal note stating that Final Cut Studio, part number MB642Z/A, is again available for sale.”

      So, maybe Apple just wants to quietly try out this option for the existing customers on a limited basis only, and doing their best not to confuse/fragment future customers/users. But I think, it’s a pro-tool, Apple should treat them as such and trust them to know what they want.

      I’ve said it before, it was a blunder from the Cupertino team, certainly not well executed. Admit it, rectify it, apologise for it (Steve apologised for MobileMe) and put it behind you–and that’s the best course of action that I can think of.

  2. This is hysterical. I was at the LV Meet introducing FCPX and though it was an exciting update I was unaware at the time what was missing. I don’t understand how anyone at Apple could have though they would get away with an incomplete update to FCP while unceremoniously getting rid of the old one. I am working on a project that we HAD to use FCP 7 on though we would have loved to use FCPX. When you mess around with video professional’s livelihood and their tools – beware! A rare misstep for Apple and there are few who are a bigger fan than me.

    1. I never thought FCPX was bad..
      but, Apple just killing off the old version like they did, was not a good idea. I always thought they should have kept it alive, at least for a full version (like until FCP11, or at least a year or so)

      Im not a video guy myself, iMovie is more than I need..

  3. Definitely agree with the idea “you can’t mess with a video professionals livelihood and tools.” A path is required.

    I have been doing the tutorials by Michael Wohl and am loving them. I am even successfully doing a project in FinalCut X.

    In the tutorials he points out many times how doing “this 1 step in FinalCut X replaces 4 steps from FCP 7.” And fairly he will point out when something is a step backward.

    Apple should buy everyone the lessons.

    And naturally FinalCut X is a 1.0 program and therefore will only add the features the mature Final Cut 7. It’s a transition. In the end it’s going to be great.

  4. I took advantage of the “switch” discount and started using Premiere. Some day I’ll have the time to look into FCPX, but right now a fully-supported, 64-bit native traditional NLE is making my life very pleasant indeed.

  5. Like I said before, I’m sure Apple has no problem selling the old version for $999, if the customer insists on it.

    I’m sure even before this announcement, if the customer had called an Apple sales representative directly (especially a “multiple seat” customer), Apple would have sold $999 Final Cut Studio licenses.

  6. The market trashed Apple for their dumb move and they FINALLY saw the light. FCP X is a horrible, horrible program and not even remotely suitable for real pro work. It is laughable that Apple thought FCP X was good enough to remove FCS from the market. The only question is, has the damage done allowed a competitor to come in and take away Apple’s business?

    1. with the option of FCPX and FCS now… I doubt it.
      maybe a small portion “left” but they will be back now that FCS is back.

      and as Apple already stated, FCPX will have updates to bring the stuff into it that they left out at launch do to the full switch to Cocoa, FCPX will only get better.

      Minor speed bump for Apple.

      1. More than a few won’t be back. I love FCS3 but it is really showing it’s age. If they do not intend on upgrading it to 64 bit (which I seriously don’t think they will) then there is no upgrade path. Other products are 64 bit. No 4 gig limitations, faster processing, native codec support, etc. Most of who waited patiently for over 4 years, all the while being told the upgrade was coming, can’t wait any longer.

        We’ve been using a truck that was supposed to get a new engine. Instead we were handed a Smart Car and told it would do everything we used to do. And then told that they would bolt on a winch kit and tow bar for the heavy lifting later. Meanwhile every other NLE was staying the course. Once I am finished with my current crop of projects I will have no choice but to switch.

  7. Don’t want to sell it on (what may be perceived) as a consumer app store? Makes no difference as long as they sell it, professionals will find it.

    What IS important is whether Apple has any intention of developing it further. Or is this end of line?

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