Apple seeds new OS X 10.7.2, iCloud, iPhoto 9.2 betas

“Apple has released new developer seeds for three upcoming Mac updates,” MacNN reports.

“The first is OS X 10.7.2, now in build 11C43,” MacNN reports. “The iCloud Lion client has now been advanced to beta 9, while iPhoto 9.2 is in its third beta.”

MacNN reports, “When the OS X and iPhoto updates might be finished is uncertain, but Apple has a more firm deadline for iCloud. Support for the platform is a key marketing point of iOS 5, which is at least due sometime this fall, and more likely by mid-October if not earlier.”

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    Anyone know if iCloud will work with Aperture, or do I have to have iPhoto too (grrr… to poor interoperability between these packages)?

  2. That are quite a few release dependencies right now… It will be interesting to see of 10.7.2 will wait until iCloud is ready to go, and if iCloud will wait until iOS 5 is released (at the same time).

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