NFL’s Tampa Bay Bucs give every player an Apple iPad 2 to hold playbook, video

“Every year on every NFL team, the Turk nervously ambles next to players in the locker room, dorm room or cafeteria, his role a designated dream killer whose only job is to signal the death knell to somebody’s career,” Rick Stroud reports for The St. Petersburg Times.

“He delivers two messages: The coach wants to see you, and bring your playbook,” Stroud reports. “Well, never again in Tampa Bay.”

Stroud reports, “Instead, he’ll ask them to bring their iPad.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sorry, RIM. You lose. Again.

“That’s because rather than producing thick periodicals the size of the Yellow Pages, the Bucs have downloaded their playbooks on iPad 2s and distributed them to each of their 90 players,” Stroud reports. “What’s more, players can use the tablet computer to reference video files of games, and practice and situational videos of any NFL team.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. u-hhh … maybe as a parting good-will gesture ..
    Steve-o could do the same for the 49ers !!

    After all … they need all the help they can get !

    I can vision it now: …..

    “Alex .. Harbs wants to see you … and bring yer iPad !”

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