German court says Apple injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab valid

“A German judge said on Thursday an injunction sought by Apple banning the sale of Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab tablet computers in Germany appeared valid because there were overarching similarities to Apple’s iPad,” Nicola Leske reports for Reuters.

“Speaking before Apple and Samsung made their arguments in court, the judge said her view was that the injunction should be upheld,” Leske reports. “A final decision is expected later on Thursday.”

MacDailyNews Note: Whether or not jurisdiction will extended to the whole EU bloc is still being decided by the court.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. Are we seeing the first signs that something will be done about this crazy copycat era we live in?

    What will Microsoft do?
    What will Google do?
    What will China do?

  2. You stupid Samsung, make your own living by doing your own stuff, not stealing. Korean all are thief, they steal from Siemens on LED, Japs on car design, Apple on smartphone and iPad. Next time you meet a Korean, you can just call him thief because it is in their blood.

      1. Sound racist? Yep. Wrong? Nope. Can’t dispute any of the facts.
        So if the facts are all correct, is it really racism or just pointing out the obvious. Obama spends like a drunken sailor and has no clue how jobs get created. So am i racist for just pointing out the obvious?

        1. Yes – any overarching negative generalization to an ethnically defined group is racist. And it’s also wrong.

          Your comments about Obama aren’t racist, just stupid.

    1. Come on, let’s speak facts. What does Korean uniquely invent? OK, language but part of it is Kangi from China. Instant noodle, from Japs. You name calling fags. Point one unique to Korean and I will say myself is racist.

      1. @OpenMinde: Your name is certainly ironic given your post.

        So Korean is party based on Kangi from China (I’m not sure whether it is or not, but I’ll trust you on this)? English has got to be the largest linguistic mutt in the world: not only has it descended from the old Germanic languages, but it freely borrows from just about every other language there is; it’s one of the things that makes the English language so versatile and expressive. Borrowing or assimilating is part of the natural process of language and culture. Now, ripping off a competitor’s process is an entirely different matter…

        1. You change the topic. I am asking what is unique to Korean. You didn’t answer it. There are plenty unique to Anglo-Saxon, as well as to Chinese, Japs, Africans. But none to Korean. Name one for me if you can, self-righteous Mark.

          1. Your mono-salvic rants in poor grammar are highly irritating.

            “There are plenty unique to Anglo-Saxon, as well as to Chinese, Japs, Africans.”

            There is a this silly little thing in the english language that tells how sentences are formed: noun, verb, subject.

            Your sentence contains no subject.

            Now are you going to suggest the English language is a ripoff, since it is based on latin? If not, then you are being racist when you exclude other cultures that you just so happen to be in yourself.

    2. “Next time you meet a Korean, you can just call him thief because it is in their blood”

      And then he can say “Ya, pabo!” and hit you, because he’s got nothing to do with the chaebol mega-conglomerates like Samsung and probably has a low opinion of them as well.

  3. @ OpenMinde

    -600 Taekwondo
    -990 Underground heating systems
    1235 Movable type printing
    1450 Standardized rain gauge
    1970 Positron Emission tomography
    1998 Digital Audio Player
    2005 Digital Media Broadcasting

    (Thanks to Wikipedia)

    1. -600 Taekwondo: Chinese claim they have kung-fu long ago.
      1235 Movable type printing: Chinese claim they invented it first.
      I didn’t check modern inventions of your list. But ancient inventions sound a lot like from Chinese list. Now who copy who?

      1. Take an english class first, it is hard to debate someone that speaks likes a caveman.

        It’s “Now whose copying who?”, not, “Now who copy who, *grunt, me no like wheel”. no good thing, fire!

    2. Thanks Giles

      Take note that where would Apple be without Korean industry and technology? Apple does rely on Samsun a great deal. Samsung is wrong in copying and I am willing to even no longer buy Samsung products as a form of boycott.

      This has nothing to do with the Korean people by any sense. I think Korea and their folks are awesome. It’s a shame that we have some jerks in our countries and I personally apologize for these idiots for they don’t speak for the rest of us and won’t man up and apologize or act intelligently in their own behalf.

  4. There’s only one race and that’s the human race.

    Differences between (wrongly) so-called “races” are superficial. Different breeds of dogs are all variants of dog.

    The human race has many cultures which are significantly different to one another. The many cultures also contain sub-cultures with significant differences to one another.

    Cultures are not races.

    Racism is a product of ignorance, xenophobia and stupid thinking.

    Inventions are the product of individuals and groups of individuals. To say that Korea or America or any other country invents anything is sloppy thinking.

    Individual genius is exactly that. It springs up everywhere. Sometimes it flourishes in certain cultures when the time is right. Sometimes it surfaces in completely unexpected places. Einstein , in the patents office at the turn of last century. Whatever and wherever genius exists it is still an individual attribute. Steve Jobs happened to be born in America and is a genius. He’s not a genius because he’s American. He’s a genius because he’s a genius. Where he was born was a matter that he had absolutely nothing to do with.

    There are no such things as “american” genes. Or “korean” genes. Only human genes.

    Go far enough back and eventually there must have been the first individual human family from which we all descended.

    They’ve certainly got a lot to answer for.

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