Best Buy to give away Galaxy Tabs as Apple seeks ban across all of EU

“Best Buy this weekend will kick-off an aggressive promo that offers a free Galaxy Tab 10.1 to buyers of certain HDTVs, possibly hinting that yet another iPad rival is in need of a stimulus to combat poor sales, assuming Samsung can keep it on the market,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

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“The offer, which starts August 21 and runs through August 27, promises a free, 16GB Wi-Fi version of the Android tablet to any customer who purchases a 46-inch or 55-inch, LED-lit 3D TV worth $1,500 or $2,000,” Lane reports. “Electronista notes that the deal isn’t as drastic as the $100 TouchPad price drop that lasted a week before HP on Thursday ultimately waved the white flag in defeat, but is nonetheless unusual for a $500 device that’s been on the market for just a few weeks.”

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  1. Really? I thought Best Buy would be giving a Samsung Galaxy Tab away free with every purchase of an HP TouchPad seeing how smoothly both sold into the channel.

    1. Thought the same.
      Or after rebate etc.

      I’d pick one up it it were, but spend $1500 minimum to get a cheap ass wannabe? Pass

      I was almost tempted to grab one if these soon to be extinct android tablets just for the heck of it anyway, but for cheap.. $100 is pushing it.

      I *almost* bought a zune hd last week… Only for the hd radio. But no Bluetooth and the aftermarket Bluetooth stuff supposedly interferes with the hd radio… So I passed.

      1. Sort of reminds me of back in the 80’s when TI tried making a small computer, the TI-99/4A. It had really great specs (it was 16 bit in an 8 bit world), but only ran TI’s OS that had mostly games on cartridges. They started at around $1200, but I picked one up for my kids for $49.

        1. That was a nifty machine but almost zero software, other than games …… And with DOS, Apple and Commodore OS systems who knew if Tandy was going to spawn their own ……

          So it was tempting at that price but as we know it went nowhere …..

        2. TI-99/4A was my first computer. My dad got it for me FREE because he rented so many cars from Hertz. When a device is in the give-away stage, it’s about to enter the extinct phase. People don’t want iPad copy cats at ANY price, they want iPads. The only market for the fakes are a museum!

    2. Next month: You get one to use as warming tray when you walk into the snack bar. The battery may last through your nachos.
      Month Later: free home nacho warmer.

  2. Great news, fellow boycotters of everything Samsung and most things Korean. — you now get to ignore/remain oblivious to two Samsung products simultaneously at Best Buy. Take advantage of this promotion while it lasts or take it up a notch by ignoring Best Buy stores alltogether till after holiday sales.

  3. The bummer about this is that all of these units will stay counted in the “shipped” category, which means that idiot/lazy writers will keep on claiming that Android has carved out X% of the tablet market, even thought the real story is that their % of the “actually paid for the product” market is much, much lower.

    1. All these non-Apple tablets that are being given away will be considered by analysts as chipping away at iPad market share. Apple stock will have to be downgraded because the iPad is in grave danger of being overtaken by nearly free Android and WebOS tablets. That’s the iPad’s rivals’ master plan.

    1. I kept giggling at my TV tonight – must have seen half a dozen ads for the defunct TouchPad. Sure, HP already bought and paid for the ad time, but you’d think they would be too embarrassed to let them air.

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