China Mobile has been meeting secretly with Steve Jobs

“Apple is reportedly in highest-level talks with the world’s largest mobile operator,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“At a news conference following release of its first-half earnings, China Mobile (CHL) revealed Thursday that it has met several times with Steve Jobs to talk about Apple (AAPL) making an iPhone that would support its proprietary 3G standard, Reuters reports… Although the report of Jobs’ direct involvement is new, Apple has been keeping a close eye on the Chinese market for some time. In July, COO Tim Cook reported that Apple’s sales in Greater China grew six-fold year over year in Q3 to $3.8 billion,” P.E.D. reports.

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P.E.D. reports, “Even without a contract with Apple, China Mobile — the world’s largest mobile phone operator with more than 600 million subscribers — says it already has 7.44 million iPhone users on its network.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]


    1. “China is holding all the cards .”

      China holds all its citizens in a STRANGLE HOLD. It’s called ‘Communism’, aka a criminal state. Apple should tell them to FRACK OFF!

      China either allows ALL human rights or they can go get FRACKED.

    2. -sarcasm-
      China number one in super government.
      Never hurt citizen.
      Never kill dissident.
      Never spy on people.
      Never hack world government computer.
      Never declare cyber-war against USA.
      Never go pee.
      Never go poop.
      China perfect in every way.
      New race of super human very much so!
      China take over world and everyone very much happiness!
      China bring world most happiness ever seen.
      Walmart very good for you.
      China buy USA and you very happiness too.

    3. It’s not about people it’s about money, you’re obfuscating the fact that America and China have about the same middle class, and middle class in China is not ‘real’ middle class, its about 30 thousand bucks a year. Nowhere near Apple’s target demo.

  1. This would make sense… A communist state which enjoys containing and controlling the internet, what is said, what is viewed and what can be done. We are in a similar state (the rest of the worlds users of Apple devices) we can only do what Apple let us do, let us use certain apps, programs the way we run and work our i devices. The same would go with Beijing, what they says goes – they can watch their telephone users and with the help of Apple, why not! No one will really care or have issues, do we? No. I’m not against Apple or the Chinese, heck I love both! Apples and Chinese food is delicious if I may add 🙂

    1. What is your point? Are you trying to equate Apple with communism?

      “…we can only do what Apple let us do…”

      Or you can jailbreak iOS (with the associated pros/cons). Or you can choose a different mobile device vendor and only do what they (or the wireless service provider) let you do.

  2. What’s so ‘SECRET’ for Red China to chat about with Apple?


    Dear Apple,
    Please get the H E L L out of China!

    Just say ‘NO!’ to China’s demolition of human rights,
    or suffer the same.
    There is no middle ground.
    There is no compromise.
    Human rights are forever universal.

  3. Since opening up to the West and embracing capitalism, the Chinese people have enjoyed freedom and prosperity that never would have happened without doing so. They have a long way to go, but go they will: It’s inevitable. And I don’t really think the government of China should even be called Communist anymore; it’s more like totalitarian socialism. The old guard are dying off, and the more progressive will take over. Give it time.

  4. Ask the Tea Party typos, $MONEY$ trumps EVERYTHING. And absolute free trade has to be good for us (although I have to admit that I must have missed that section of Adam Smith’s book where he explained how the richer nation in a free trade agreement wouldn’t face wage dissipation . . . but maybe the Tea Party-ists are right, and that’s what America’s working class really want?)

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