Report finds 95 percent of tablet buyers want an Apple iPad

“According to a report issued on Wednesday, consumers who already own or plan to buy a new tablet are only interested in one thing: the Apple iPad,” Nick Bilton reports for The New York Times.

“The report, which was published by Robert W. Baird, a Milwaukee-based wealth management and analyst company, was conducted through a survey of 1,114 people, 98 percent of whom lived in the United States,” Bilton reports. “More than 50 percent of those surveyed, who were between 22 and 60 years old, said they already owned a tablet or were interested in buying one soon, with 95 percent of these respondents choosing the Apple iPad.”

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Bilton reports, “Jayson Noland, an analyst and an author of the report, said it was very unlikely that any iPad competitors would be able to catch Apple in the near future.”

Robert W. Baird - Tablets of Interest Report
Based on 531 respondents. Multiple answers accepted.

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          1. No Android Tablet is complete until they also include the old PC parallel port so those ancient printers can still be used.

            It also would be nice if they shoehorn in some slots for drop in ISA cards that many miss.

  1. HP’s TouchPad is literally bolted to a display in Staples and I have not yet seen a single person even come by and touch the screen.

    Is that an “industry survey” worth noting?

  2. It’s odd that in this report the second most wanted tablet is HP Touchpad and yet, there’s another article saying Best Buy has only sold less that 10% of their stock. Either something doesn’t match or other tablets are actually doing even worse.

    1. Remember, these are people that say the own a tablet OR plan to buy one soon. It is possible that the 10% of Touchpad respondents have never even seen one in person, and only “think” (I use the term loosely) that they want one.

  3. Did we really need a survey to know this … There is really no other choice…. People already refer to a tablets as “iPads” and use a “Kleenex” to blow their nose… But it’s worse because no one else can make an iPad…

  4. 95% want an iPad… and other 5% want some other type of tablet that they hopelessly believe will do everything an iPad will do. So basically, 100% want an iPad, it’s just that a few have trouble admitting it…

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