Delta gives Apple iPads to pilots as electronic flight bag replacements

“Delta Airlines has begun testing Apple’s iPad as electronic flight bags (EFB),” John Hiesler reports for Edible Apple.

“EFBs help reduce paper by digitizing on-board flight information that has typically been printed out,” Hiesler reports. “This includes reference material such as operating manuals and navigational charts.”

Hiesler reports, “Moreover, EFBs also enable pilots to automate calculations that would typically be done by hand and access up-to-date weather information.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Who better to pilot than pilots?


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  1. This is awesome news!! Now, the Delta pilots won’t be able to use the excuse of “I was on my laptop” when they overshoot an airport by 300 miles. Maybe someone can even come up with an App that will alert them to answer their radio when the tower is calling…

  2. When did the FAA certify the Xoom or any Android Apps for flight status? I did not see any reports or news stories to that effect? How can Delta substitute Xooms in Mid September for the iPads if they aren’t certified for air use? Or am I wrong?

    1. Aren’t they testing Xooms to see if they can be certified? Or possibly the Xooms are just pending certification by the FAA. I thought that Xooms were on their way out because it didn’t think that many of them got sold to consumers. Maybe there’s some requirement that any available tablets have to be given a fair shot. I figure that Honeycomb tablets will have stability problems and shorter battery life, so the iPad certainly has the advantage.

    2. Zoom?


      Even Delta employees people who may be unqualified to make decesions if they are even considering Zoom. It would seem to me that is clear proof society has been hurt by graduating unqualified students from the Atlanta Public School system during the years of the cheating scandals.

      Laws force Delta to hire them and so you may find a Zoom in your Delta’s Pilots bag.

      I will definitely go out of my way to fly a safer carrier until that is sorted out.

  3. It is quite possible that someone at Delta wanted to appear sensible and suggested that they thoroughly test both the market leader (the iPad) and a representative of the competition (the Exhume, although probably Samsung Tab would have also worked).

    Any objective, realistic comparison will result in only one likely outcome (the iPad).

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