Spotify already on 3.4% of US iPhones

“Spotify is already one of the largest alternative music services on the iPhone since its US launch, data tracking from Onavo found on Friday,” Electronista reports.

“In the first two weeks of its American launch, the streaming service took hold on 3.4 percent of US iPhones,” Electronista reports. “The share gave it an edge over countries that have been on Spotify for years, such as France, the Netherlands, and the UK.”

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Electronista reports, “Onavo didn’t directly address why the adoption had been so quick other than pent-up demand. As one of the few subscription music services with a free web component, though, it has given listeners a chance to test the full experience without paying for a subscription.””

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  1. I use it and I haven’t used a lot of new music offerings. It’s better than Pandora in that, while both have commercials ($10/month to get rid of them -I won’t be paying), they’re not annoyingly over the top with them and you can listen to whole albums or whatever music you want to put together in a playlist. It’s actually a pretty darn good service.

  2. Does anyone know why it takes so long for developers to make an iPad version of an app? I can’t understand why a billion dollar company would want to see their app in a tiny pixelated window on the iPad. I’m not a developer, so I really don’t know know how difficult it is to make an iPhone app a ” ” app.

    1. They must have a different reason for not releasing an iPad version yet.
      It’s pretty easy to convert an iPhone app to an iPad version.

      These days I build only universal apps. It gives a developer an edge over developers that build for just iPhone or iPad.

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