Apple will not hold iPhone 5 special event on Sept. 7th

“Reports began to surface yesterday that Apple would hold a special event on September 7 to launch the new iPhone, but that’s not happening,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“According to my sources, Apple will not have an event or launch the next iPhone on September 7,” Dalrymple reports.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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      1. She’s like a schizophrenic analyst times ten. Friday, Friday, oh Saturday comes after Friday, and Sunday comes after that, and Thursday comes before Friday.

        I would assume you’d know which day of the week came after and before Friday.

    1. Phil Hendrie just reported that Apple will be introducing the iPhone 6 in June of 2012. And you know that Phil is never wrong! There will be no iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, reduced feature iPhone 4 or a cloud iPhone released. Period. So know you know that nothing is coming this year. Hey, ya only have 10 more months to wait. Sorry fanboys. Hope your 3G holds up!

  1. We might as well just wait because they should be updating te iPods as nobody is talking about them. eg. This time last year rumours were wild and crazy about all the next iPods, now it’s just iPhone 5 and iPad HD

  2. iPod (as a buzz generator for Apple) is not currently as important as it was a few years ago. It makes sense that Apple would consolidate introduction of new iPhone(s), iOS, iPods, and iTunes features into one “big deal” event, just before October-December quarter, going forward.

    The downside is that Apple has to wait until all those pieces are ready to go.

  3. My wife has been wanting to get an iPhone since June as her small business has been doing very well. I keep saying, “just wait, a new one should be released any day now.” I’m not sure she can wait much longer. Ugh!!!!

  4. Of course not. Here’s what I commented on that rumor item about that event

    “Product announcements should not overlapp; September has been for iPod announcements.

    Expect iPhone 5th generation around June 2012. Don’t be disappointed. It may be announced Jan 2012.”

    Yet, I hope the event takes place for new iPods.

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