Analyst: Apple has significant opportunity to take meaningful share from Windows PCs in 2H11

According to Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, Apple is well positioned to gain on Hewlett-Packard, Dell and the rest of the Microsoft Windows manufacturers even without the iPad,” Phillip elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

Whitmore writes:
Within the computing market, we see significant opportunity for Apple to take meaningful share in the second half as the Microsoft / PC ecosystem is relatively stagnant, lacking meaningful new offerings. On the other hand, Apple will be competing with an upgraded Mac OS, new MacBook Airs (and other forthcoming Macs) and a new iPad iOS. Within the Tablet market, the iPad remains the Gold Standard as competitors struggle for mindshare and traction (note HP’s price cuts on the TouchPad). Meanwhile, competing PC manufacturers have suggested Ultrabooks won’t ramp in material volumes until 2012 due to challenges driving price points meaningfully below Apple’s Air. As such, Apple appears particularly well positioned for more share gains heading into the back-to- school and holiday selling season.

Read more in the full article, which includes an eye-popping chart, here.


  1. The “eye-popping chart” is inflated with iPad sales. I’m not arguing that they should or shouldn’t be included, but including them when no one else does is disingenuous. Another analyst stating the obvious and baiting readers with a bullshit chart. *yawn*

    1. Don’t look now but HP, Microsoft et al have been adding tablet numbers for 10 years. All of a sudden tablet computer numbers are not valid?


    2. Steve Ballmer calls the iPad a PC. I think when people are using a device to do what people used PCs to do for a few decades and using them to do what PCs can’t be used to do, you count the damage they are doing to your sales and bottom line.

      Count them or don’t count the iOS devices. It is all about what people are spending their money on when they need to do something. Your company is either in or out. Apple is in!

    3. “disingenuous”

      It may or may not be appropriate to include them, but since he does not HIDE the fact that he is including them, it is NOT disingenuous.
      “lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity”

    4. TheMacAdvocate is completely correct. It is improper to show a trendline in which you change the measurement somewhere in the middle.

      The correct approach is to break down the categories of machines or consistently apply the same metric to all trendlines across the entire chart.

      The issue of product categorization aside, Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore does a great disservice to his investors by moving one goalpost in the middle of the game.

      Apple launched iPad pre-sale orders in the US on March 12, 2010 — that’s where the trendline should show Apple’s inflection point, not in 2011. One can assume that such casual data presentation means that Whitmore probably screwed up all the other trendlines too.

      1. He didn’t state his objection in that manner. He simply said that including iPads in the numbers “when no one else does” is disingenuous. Just because others do not do something does not mean it is incorrect.

        As far as presenting data goes, it sounds like you have a valid objection. But there is a difference between not including data and the manner in which data is presented.

    5. Perhaps including them when no one else does is accurate and everyone else is being disingenuous by attempting to ignore the obvious fact that tablets are computers just as much as netbooks.

  2. We are shocked? Not! 80% of the university students are using a MacBook and governments all around the world are out of money to buy those Windows PC turds. The halo from 19% of the world wide smart phone market is iPhones and iPad is still looking for that iPad killer.

    Oh, Apple has the money to lock up and secure any resource, chip or subassembly they want and cut off those without cash. CASH IS KING NOW AND APPLE IS KING OF CASH! Long live the king!

  3. In the end it all boils
    Down to cost.
    The IPad and IPhone boomed due to aggressive marketig especially by the telco.

    Without the telco willing to subsidise the amount of iPhone/ ipa sold would not have been as explosive .

    That said Apple products are insanely overpriced and the halo affect is muniscule .
    For Apple togain real traction instead it should drop the price per unit . Then and only then will it pick off.

    Right now with OS5 apple has capitulated to the more than 50 % of iPhone users who do not even own a PC to sync .
    Apple IS the top and best smartphone maker but it need to review it policies with other products .

    1. Your comment make no sense. The iPad is not subsidized and is not even found in most of my local telco points of sale. iPhone and iPad are both extremely competitively priced, iPad even moreso as none of its competitors can even touch it for style, sturdiness and performance.

      If you have something to say then fine, go ahead and say it. But if you’re just here to lie then I think most of us would appreciate it if you’d just frack off.

    2. Your desperation and fear are palpable.

      Insanely overpriced? A $200 smartphone is overpriced? A $500 tablet is overpriced? Funny how the competition is pricing theirs at the same or more yet Apple is overpriced?

      1998 called. It want’s is bullsh*t argument back.

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