Rumors of Apple Magic Mouse death may be greatly exaggerated; new model on the way?

Yesterday, “we told you that Apple was looking to discontinue the Magic Mouse in favor for the Magic Trackpad. This report was based off an inside source confirming that Apple was phasing out the Magic Mouse’s part number from its inventory,” Alex Heath reports for Cult of Mac.

“Our source in Apple inventory has followed up with us, and it appears that Apple has instead discontinued the Magic Mouse’s old part number in favor [of] a new one,” Heath reports. “This move may indicate an update to the Magic Mouse, with the most logical prediction being better integration with advanced gestures in OS X Lion.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Remember the movie Office Space, and the guy who created a “Jump To Conclusions” mat?

    I think too many Apple analysts have bought one.

    Why would their first assumption be that the Magic Mouse was going away entirely? Do we assume this when supplies of the current MacBook Pro run low, too?

    …actually, knowing the state of Apple analysis these days, that probably *is* what will start happening, isn’t it? I withdraw the objection, Your Honor.

      1. Silly rampant speculation! Apple never makes bold, unexpected changes. I mean, why would Apple suddenly eliminate the floppy drive?

        Not saying it’s about to happen with the mouse…just that there’s a precedent (or two, or three) for that happening, so the analysts do have some reasonable rationale for their assumption. They just jump to conclusions a little too quickly. Probably for fear that somebody else will make the prediction first (and get the fame if it’s right).

  2. I have only used a Magic Mouse at the Apple store and I did not like it at all because it was awkward to scroll or swipe sideways. The mouse kept on moving and I found it awkward and tiresome to hover my fingers over the surface. I can’t see how it is at all ergonomic.

      1. Neither was I. I have two of them, they are OK for basic use, and gestures. CT is correct, you’ll “learn” how to use it.

        I replaced the iMac’s with my Magic Trackpad AND a Logitech Performance MX. I ordered my iMac with the Mouse, knowing I wouldn’t use it since I had bought the trackpad several months prior.

    1. You need to use it for a few hours. You will never want to go back to a traditional mouse. Install MagicPrefs and set up your own gestures. You also need a very light touch – that takes getting used to, but in the long run pretty much eliminates repetitive stress…

  3. The Magic mouse & the Mighty mouse had sex giving birth to the Miracle mouse, one that you can gesture from 20′ away & have it interpreted on screen. Brought to you by the people who made Kinect possible.

  4. We seem to be having a rash of Apple rumors that are just made up stuff. Obviously editors are putting too much pressure on writers, and that’s why we’re getting science fiction and fantasy mixed up with real information. Make a note of this guy’s name, and never again pay attention to whatever he says. He’ll only be right by coincidence.

  5. Maybe it will be redesigned so the idiotically sharp edges don’t cut into Ace’s tender, artist hands! The little roundy blue puck never did that.

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