U.S. ITC official reviewing Kodak case vs. Apple and RIM retires

“The U.S. International Trade Commission official reviewing Eastman Kodak Co.’s patent complaint against Apple Inc. and Research in Motion Ltd. is retiring, casting further uncertainty on a case the camera company has said could bring in $1 billion,” Matt Jarzemsky reports for Dow Jones Newswires.

“The official, ITC Chief Administrative Law Judge Paul Luckern, ruled in January that Apple’s and RIM’s smartphones don’t infringe on Kodak patents covering an image-preview function in cameras,” Jarzemsky reports. “The setback raised questions about the company’s strategy to fund its multi-year turnaround effort through intellectual property litigation. Luckern was later directed to reconsider the case as the full ITC panel rejected parts of his decision on appeal. Luckern was expected to give a further decision as soon as Aug. 30. Wednesday is his last day with the agency, and his cases will be reassigned among the other administrative law judges, an ITC spokeswoman said.”

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Jarzemsky reports, “Meanwhile, Kodak is also reviewing a potential sale of the small but valuable slice of its patent portfolio focused on digital imaging. It unveiled the effort last month, following a patent sale by Nortel Networks Corp. (NRTLQ) that highlighted the hot demand for intellectual property focused on tech products.”

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  1. Everyone is chasing the Nortel gravy train. That is the unfortunate consequence of Apple throwing billions at the acquisition. I believe that some of the companies with larger patent portfolios are thinking that selling is a much easier and more certain path to great wealth than litigating. But do they have the goods?? Did Apple acquire the critical goods from Nortel? Who will come out the winner?

  2. The decline of Kodak is one of America’s saddest corporate stories. This once proud company used to employ hundreds of thousands of people and was a part of every American’s life. Kodak saw the early promise of digital, and went after it with all their R & D effort (hence all these great patents). Yet Kodak still failed. They are in permanent decline and will certainly be gone in 2-3 years, tops. A truly tragic story. Kodak has been replaced by all Asian corporations now.

    1. As a photographer of sixty years, I owe a great debt of gratitude to those of vision, and those whose labors made Kodak a part of the world’s daily life for nearly a century. And yes, Kodak saw the digital writing on the wall, and pursued it. So I too would like to see them continue on with their research and development. . . . It seems, though, that they need a visionary to plan their future, and work their marketing.
      If a good price could be had, I’d like to see Apple purchase the entire company, and guide it into the future.

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