Samsung petitions U.S. ITC to block Apple iOS device imports

“Samsung in June accused Apple of infringing five patents to make some iPads, the iPod Touch and iPhones, according to a complaint filed with the International Trade Commission,” Diane Bartz reports for Reuters.

“Samsung asked that Apple’s infringing products be barred from importation into the United States,” Bartz reports. “Samsung makes parts central to Apple’s mobile devices, but Apple in April accused the South Korean company of ‘slavishly’ copying the iPad and iPhone to make its Galaxy devices.”

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“Apple sued Samsung in April in a San Jose, California, federal court, saying the Galaxy lineup infringed on its mobile technology patents. Samsung shot back with claims of its own,” Bartz reports. “Both have asked the ITC to block imports of the other’s devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In related news, Korea-based Cooch Knockoffs, Inc., citing patent infringement, today petitioned the U.S. ITC to block imports of handbags made by Coach, Inc.

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    1. No, but they’re used to being the big fish in their small pond, and now that they’re in a much bigger pond, they think the winning strategy is to pout and hold their breath. Classic case of a protected oligopoly not being able to cut it out in the real world.

  1. That does it. I am returning all the Samsung stuff which I bought from in the last thirty days. Samsung sort of sucked anyway but now I need to make a point, you sell Samsung, you eat Samsung returns.

    The battery life was no where near advertised anyway in real world use over the weekend.

    1. Good, you punish two companies with one there. I know everyone thinks Amazon is great– cause Amazon is great at pretending to be great, but they are a really horrible, evil company run by bastards who are only out to make a buck. They are the opposite of Apple, they don’t give a damn about customers or design, or quality, or doing the right thing. But they provided a competent enough service and a lot of PR and now lots of people “love” them because they think shopping online was invented by them or something.

  2. No details as to which patents Samsung is claiming Apple is infringing, but seems a little odd that Apple is infringing on Samsung patents when Samsung makes several components for iOS devices. I’m preeeetty sure you get a license to use the technology when you buy it from the manufacturer to be included in your devices.

    1. You make a very good point. If the patents were silly or Apple wasn’t infringing on them, then bringing them up would be pointless because they’d just be thrown out. Maybe they are pointless and this is a delaying tactic to give samsung time to see how things play out with HTC?

      If they aren’t’ silly, it is hard to imagine what Apple could be infringing on– since samsung makes major components. Aluminum forming patents? Glass bonding patents for the screen?

      It seems unlikely that Samsung has any software patents.

      1. From one Engineer to another. The concepts of patents is great. The US government use of the concept is pretty stupid. Patents are being allowed for ideas that were already in full use and yet companies are having to pay a patent fee to use hardware that they bought from a company.

        If there is a patent issue, it should be the company making the hardware, not the end user.

        Just a thought

    1. I was most kindly gifted a Samsung DVD player. But that never stopped me for hating the way Samsung made it and the fact that they NEVER respond to customer support inquiries. Death to Samsung. They deserve it. Competitors: Get ready to fill in the gap.

  3. What a load of you know what? Samdung has nothing on Apple. And has a lot of patents to back it up. Keep it up Samdung and you’ll find yourself unable to make any products in the future.

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