“Executives from Apple and Samsung are in high-level talks over the ongoing iPhone and iPad patent dispute, but a settlement is by no means guaranteed,” Khidr Suleman reports for V3.

“US district judge Lucy Koh suggested that the firms should come together to sort out the issue via alternative dispute resolution, during a hearing on Friday reported by Reuters,” Suleman reports. “Koh made reference to the close business relationship between the two and asked the parties to settle the matter out-of-court. ‘Can we get them [the executives] together?’ Koh reportedly asked during the hearing.”

Harold McElhinny, Apple’s legal counsel, confirmed that executives ‘at the highest levels’ of the two companies had become actively involved in the situation,” Suleman reports. “However, Samsung told V3.co.uk that it is unaware of any talks with Apple. ‘We are unaware of any meetings or discussions between the two sides over this matter,’ the firm said in a statement.”

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