Samsung denies negotiating with Apple over iPhone and iPad infringement

“Executives from Apple and Samsung are in high-level talks over the ongoing iPhone and iPad patent dispute, but a settlement is by no means guaranteed,” Khidr Suleman reports for V3.

“US district judge Lucy Koh suggested that the firms should come together to sort out the issue via alternative dispute resolution, during a hearing on Friday reported by Reuters,” Suleman reports. “Koh made reference to the close business relationship between the two and asked the parties to settle the matter out-of-court. ‘Can we get them [the executives] together?’ Koh reportedly asked during the hearing.”

Harold McElhinny, Apple’s legal counsel, confirmed that executives ‘at the highest levels’ of the two companies had become actively involved in the situation,” Suleman reports. “However, Samsung told that it is unaware of any talks with Apple. ‘We are unaware of any meetings or discussions between the two sides over this matter,’ the firm said in a statement.”

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  1. Apple should challenge Samsung to come with something that isn’t ripping off Apple so blatantly and incorporate that their partnership could dissolve if Samsung continues. Apple has a history of walking away from partners and suppliers when they fail. Apple can find other suppliers.

    1. Apple won’t just walk away until there is a suitable alternative supplier that can provide the quantity and quality needed.

      Apple may indeed want to hit Samsung where it hurts, but Apple won’t do anything to compromise it’s own operation.

      However, I have no doubt that alternatives to Samsung are being very carefully considered and will gain lucrative contracts when the time is right.

      It would be very tempting for Apple to make an example of Samsung. If they do that to a giant like Samsung, then it will be a salutary lesson for other suppliers who won’t want to be the next to incur Apple’s wrath.

  2. Wasn’t there going to be a ruling on Sammy’s request to see iPhone 5 and iPad 3 prototypes today? If that request got shot down (which I can’t see not being the case), then I’m sure there was some “let’s talk about this outside” comments thrown Apple’s way.

  3. That’s like telling a guy who finds out his best friend has been banging his wife that he shouldn’t sue for divorce considering the close relationships.
    Samsung has made a truckload of money supplying Apple, Apple has loaned them money to expand chip production and they turn around and start pimping Google’s ripoff OS. Apple should burn them in court to the fullest extent of the law.
    By aligning with Google’s theftware ( Android ) Samsung has chosen sides.

    1. What else than Android or maybe a homebrew OS can they choose? Certainly not iOS. How high is the threshold to choose an independent Unix-like OS? Oh yes, MSWinDos/Touch. Wouldn’t that be more of a rip-off? Is Android really such a ripoff. Isn’t it rather the Samsung UI additions that reek of copying?

  4. If the judge suggests the two parties do some talking outside of court, and one party agrees, and the other party pretends the judge just farted, then guess how the judge feels in regards to the two parties?

    If Samsung issued a statement to that effect, then that person needs to be fired.

  5. “Harold McElhinny, Apple’s legal counsel, confirmed that executives ‘at the highest levels’ of the two companies had become actively involved in the situation,””

    Actively involved in the situation — does not mean talking together. It can also mean in the tank, aiming the big gun.

    Just a thought, 🙂

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