Steve Jobs’ private jet stays grounded for 2nd consecutive quarter

“For the second quarter in a row, according to the Form 10-Q the company filed with the SEC on Wednesday, Jobs — who is on sick leave — received no reimbursement for business use of his Gulfstream jet,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Apple’s shares did even better the last time time its CEO was grounded for medical reasons,” P.E.D. reports. “From January to September 2009, while Jobs was undergoing and recovering from a liver transplant, the stock rose nearly 114%.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Well, at least O-Bummer and his Merry Marxists won’t bother him as long as the jet sits. Of course, people could become unemployed……but the man-child won’t care, will he?

    1. Ignorant clot. You have zero comprehension of what a REAL Marxist is. I suggest you talk to survivors of Pol Pot and The Khmer Rouge, Robert Mugabe, The Shining Path and those suffering in North Korea. But you won’t because it wouldn’t suit your stupid, childish prejudices.

      1. While you may be right about hitting the nail on the head (at the very least, it’s debatable), surely you can acknowledge that the term “marxist”, “communist”, “dictator”, etc as attributed to people in politics (Obama) or business (Jobs) in today’s world are gross overstatements, right?

        1. A Marxist is someone who believes in Marx’s philosophies, doesn’t have anything to do with mass murderers…

          I don’t know if Obama hits the top of the scale, but it’s clear his words and actions put him closer to Marxism than any other political philosophy.

          Unfortunately were in deepening financial crisis and instead of following proven, undeniable economic history and wisdom, we have a president content dabbling with the flowery prose of socialism. The problem is that socialism has always just been rebranded feudalism, it consolidates power with a few in the state and lowers the rest to surfs. There is no arguing that Obama’s chief interest has been growing the “state” by adding more responsibilities and authority to government. So if anything ‘observer’ you take is a gross understatement/simplification and if anything I think the aversion to this ‘Marxist’ branding is more of a political fan club sensitivity to republicans. Bur you know what they say.. even a broken clock is right twice a day.

          1. Horse puckey. Mindless labels are just that, mindless. It’s clear you have no knowledge of the history of social justice if all you can do is yell Marxist. Some of the underlying direction for the social safety net came from Otto von Bismarck. (See Bismarck’s social legislation, Health Insurance Bill of 1883, Accident Insurance Bill of 1884, Old Age and Disability Insurance Bill of 1889) The very least you could do is rightly label Obama a Prussian!

    2. Okay, so… How do you reconcile Obama’s massive welfare package for mega corporations(aka his “economic stimulus”) and his refusal to repeal Bush’s tax cuts for the ultra wealthy with him being a Marxist?

      He’s been propping up the bourgeoisie at the expense of the proletariat during his time in office. Are you suggesting he’s a Marxist, but he’s so incompetent at it he’s actually doing the opposite of what a Marxist is supposed to do?

      Or do you just have no idea what the hell Marxists are(neither does Rorschach, so don’t feel too bad)?

    3. People, please stick to the topics at hand rather than trying to relate everything to how bad you think Obama is.

      “My shoe is untied. Damned communist president, spend your way out of THAT!”

      Please, grow up, there are other forums for such ranting.

  2. At the risk of NOT using this forum to make juvenile political statements (of any color), I think that it is interesting that Steve’s jet usage is a news item. Also, since there is clear evidence that very high ranking Apple execs have been globe-trotting (Cook in China, for example) they must be using another set of wheels.

    1. That is interesting to think about if they have their jets as well. The article mentioned that Jobs did not receive and reimbursements for use of his jet… I ask this with no understanding what a Form 10-Q is, or what it covers (business use/personal use/corporation use/other) but is it possible that the Apple execs just used the same jet (“Steve’s jet”) and they would be the ones get reimbursements?

  3. Steve gets reimbursed for business use of his Jet because HE owns the Jet. Just like if you use your personal car for a business function you submit an expense voucher to get reimbursed by your company.

    The other Apple execs are either flying commercial (I know some that always fly commercial) or use a business jet service like Netjets. I don’t think Apple has any company owned aircraft

  4. Ok, the jet is down for needed rest and a little TLC on those hard run turbines. But, at least it is there ready and willing for Job’s to head off and conquer more turf from the Marxist, communist, socialist, and every other “ist” that one can name.
    Oh, if no “ist”- just insert. Same difference! Dominated!!!

  5. The headline is completely misleading. It does not mean the jet was grounded, just that SJ did not receive any REIMBURSEMENT FOR USING THE JET FOR BUSINESS USES. He could have flown every day, but paid for it himself. MDN’s headline (and it is MDN’s, not someone else’s) is wrong and misleading.

  6. All this means is that Mr. Jobs has not used his personal aircraft for business use. He gets reimbursed for using it just like those of us that use our cars for business. I bet this is a lot cheaper for the company than Apple owning the aircraft. Apple pays Mr. Jobs a whole $1.00 a year for his services. I call that a pretty good deal! (Yes I am aware of the stock he has received. I am a Apple shareholder and he has done well by all of us!)

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