Apple releases iWork Update 6; adds Mac OS X Lion support

Apple today released iWork Update 6 which adds support for Mac OS X Lion and takes advantage of the following features:

• Full Screen
• Resume
• Auto Save
• Versions

Advertisement: OS X Lion. The world’s most advanced desktop OS advances even further. Just $29.99 at Mac App Store.

This update is recommended for users of iWork 9.0 and later. For detailed information on this update and individual application changes, please visit this site:

iWork Update 6 is available via Software Update.


    1. Digital Equipment (DEC) had it on their mini computers from the 70s until they went out of business.

      To the best of my knowledge, no one else ever implemented it – until now with Apple.

  1. Tried to get Apple support for iWorks disaster, but they ask for the serial number, which can only be found when you load the programs. Of course the problem is that the programs won’t load!

    1. Breathe…………………There is an answer.

      When you are “first in line”, things like this can happen.
      My Lion install, 15 minutes left and then…………..fingers crossed.

  2. I think it might be illegal to use the new Keynote transitions unless you have amazing product launches that stomp on the competition, or redefine entire categories…

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