Apple posts Java for OS X Lion

Apple today posted Java for OS X Lion.

This release installs Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_26.

Advertisement: OS X Lion. The world’s most advanced desktop OS advances even further. Just $29.99 at Mac App Store.

Mac OS X Lion does not provide a Java runtime by default.

Java for OS X Lion is available via Software Update and also as a standalone installer.

More info and download link (62.53 MB) here.


  1. So when does Oracle take over development? The whole point of Apple dropping plugins, other than security, was it let them focus on what they do, and the plugin makers could focus on what they do.

  2. AFAIK, that will be in the Java 7 timeframe (i.e., no Java 6 available for Mac from Oracle). It’s curretly available on if you want to play but it’s not at parity with the rest of OpenJDK. Last I heard, for Java 7 the release will lag about 6 months, but it’s expected to be released simultaneously by the time Java 8 rolls around.

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