Apple debuts two new iPhone 4 TV ads: FaceTime and AirPlay (with video)

Apple last night debuted two new television ads for iPhone 4 on U.S broadcast and cable networks.

Each ad highlights a unique advantage that iPhone owners have over those who settle for non-Apple phones: FaceTime and AirPlay.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have FaceTime or Airplay.

Just two more things that make an iPhone an iPhone.

Apple – iPhone 4 TV Ad – FaceTime:

Apple – iPhone 4 TV Ad – AirPlay:


  1. I’m glad to see them finally showing Apple TV in action, even if they don’t specifically mention it.

    At least the door is open now for people to ask about it.

  2. It’s interesting that in this clip Airplay video sharing displays “TV”. Default for this is “Apple TV”. Why didn’t they use the possibility to promote also Apple TV? I think it’s a sign that soon TVs will have Airplay built in. I expect 3rd party TVs have it, don’t believe the rumor about Apple’s own TV set.

    1. Obviously it is because Apple prefers for ignorant people to have the impression that it works with all TVs, rather than for people to immediately scoff at the notion that they would also have to buy an Apple TV in order for this commercial to be relevant. Then when people go to buy their iPhones, they are already committed, and then they will be more like to also buy an Apple TV once they figure out they need it.

  3. Yes, thought it was very curious that they did not mention AppleTV wit hthe Airplay. People are going to try to do that with their HDTV’s and go “WTF?” without realizing that features needs another $99 box from Apple.

  4. What I find interesting about apple commercials compared to any other tech commercial is the others try and do these crazy futuristic themes and you tend to lose the product in all the extra craziness. Apple just says, “Here is this product and this is what it can do”. So much simpler and it focusses on the product and not how much money you can funnel into a commercial. Apple could make a dozen million dollar commercials with futuristic looking things but they know they don’t have to.

  5. I think that showing the AirPlay software to read “TV” instead of “Apple TV”, yet clearly showing an Apple TV device connected to the HDTV, suggests the distinct possibility of Apple simply licensing the technology to TV manufacturers.

    Because the proliferation of the AirPlay extended iCloud network ultimately extends Apple’s reach throughout the entire content distribution pipeline.

    Think of what this could mean for content creators: Cut in FCPX. Publish to iCloud. Distribute to iDevice. Broadcast with AirPlay. Watch on TV. – Simply Brilliant.

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