HDMI Org: Millions of Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables are unlicensed, must be recalled

“HDMI Org has confirmed that manufacturers of Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables have been told that their product is unlicensed and should not be sold,” Marc Chacksfield reports for TechRadar UK.

“HDMI Org has exclusively contacted TechRadar about the situation and confirmed that any cable that has a DP male connector on one end and an HDMI male connector is unlicensed and should not be on sale,” Chacksfield reports. “HDMI Org explained to TechRadar that there were a number of reasons for this. ‘The HDMI specification defines an HDMI cable as having only HDMI connectors on the ends. Anything else is not a licensed use of the specification and therefore, not allowed… The CTS clearly defines necessary tests for all products defined in the HDMI Specification. Since this new cable product is undefined in the Specification, there are no tests associated with this product. It cannot be tested against the Specification.'”

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Chacksfield reports, “There may also be a glimmer of hope, in that HDMI Org does understand that there is a need for this type of cable: ‘We do recognise that there may be a market need for a cable solution rather than a dongle solution. However, at this time, there is no way to produce these cable products in a licensed manner.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: Cult of Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. This is just funny! Really.. a RECALL on CABLES?!? What.. are they afraid that if someone tries to strangle someone with it, it won’t work right?

    Just ANOTHER example of the rich getting RICHER. Money for Nothing!

            1. Blimey, blow me down like a feather duster. I stand corrected. Now I don’t know if I should say “there, there” or “their, their”, or “i would of…” or “I would have…” . My entire world is upside down right now!

    1. No it’s just that the HDMI jerkoffs have to include DRM for things like Cable TV etc. And if it’s a mini display port (a competitor to HDMI BTW) to HDMI cable it doesn’t support (supposedly) HDCP, even though I know most of them do. They are just trying to protect their business in this era of everybody with a product wanting to be able to LICENSE it instead of just out and out selling the product. That way they can keep coming back and gouging you more in licensing fees (company to company in this case) every year.

      Jerks the whole lot of em.

  2. I’ve sold hundreds of these cables. I kind of doubt anyone is going to return them. We sell a 6′ MDP to HDMI cable for $19. A MDP to HDMI dongle is $29, then the customer need to buy an HDMI cable on top of that for $16 (total $45 retail).

    It will be interesting to see if we will have to stop selling these cables and if they expect us to try and recall them.

  3. This is not a big problem. Mini-DP to HDMI female receptable cables (dongles) are licensed. Get a Mini-Display Port to HDMI female receptable dongle, like the Moshi Mini-DP to HDMI adapter on the Apple website or a Monoprice version. Then buy a HDMI male to male cable, and you’re ready to go.

    1. By the way, Monoprice sells one mini-DP to HDMI female dongle that does not support the “audio pass-through to monitor” feature in the Sound preferences panel of newer Macs (lower stock number) and one that does (higher stock number), so read the description carefully when you order from them.

        1. The dongle has an HDMI female-type receptacle on one end and a mini-DP male-type plug on the other, and is 4-6 inches long. The cable has an HDMI male-type plug on one end and a mini-DP male-type plug on the other, and is probably at least one foot in length.

  4. This is another case of intellectual property use. Do you support the rights of the owners? Do you support the rights of the unlicensed users/manufacturers.

    Or is it OK for Apple (and Apple accessory manufacturers) but wrong for everyone else (Google, Samsung, Microsoft)?

    Sometimes the hypocrisy around here gets pretty deep.

    1. “there is no way to produce these cable products in a licensed manner”.

      If you think this is about “morality” and “patent rights”, think again and don’t be so easily led. This cable recall is a DRM issue aimed at making sure people can’t access those precious HDMI signals on their PCs. God knows we can’t have people recording shows to watch later – we all know how the VCR killed TV and movies.

      1. Find that hard to believe. You mean i could defeat their wonderful DRM, HDCP scheme in which they have invested billions merely by cobbling up a male HDMI connector?

        How does an electrical signal know it is traveling on an “male HDMI wire” as opposed to a “female HDMI wire”

      1. Nooooooo, that would be android loving “I want everything for free” dimwits like you. Apple fanboys on the other hand can actually afford to buy their apps and toys AND afford to live away from mommy and daddy.

  5. if the cable needs to be recalled because the specification of the cable does not exist, can you not sell the cable with another name? Like Mini Display Port to TV (modern connection).

  6. Rationally, one would think it might just be easier and more effective for HDMI Org to test these cables and just approve or fail them, on a cable by cable basis, rather than do this.

    But that wouldt be consumer friendly.

  7. Hey HDMI.org! Go pound sand you lazy bag of bones. Since you see a need, get off your hind end and do something worth while. Try a bit of responsiveness to the consumer base you blood sucking jackals!

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