Lodsys sues The New York Times Company and five others in East Texas

“Lodsys filed a patent infringement lawsuit today in East Texas against the very six companies who previously filed declaratory judgment actions against Lodsys in other jurisdictions,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

The six companies sued today are (in the order in which they are named in the complaint):
• DriveTime Automotive Group
• ForeSee Results
• LivePerson
• OpinionLab
• The New York Times Company

Mueller writes, “Lodsys now claims that those six companies are all infringing on its patents. The reason Lodsys did this is that Lodsys wants to transfer all of those cases from Arizona, California and Illinois to East Texas. That’s a matter of costs for Lodsys, and East Texas still has a reputation for being the most troll-friendly venue in the United States.”

Read more in the full article, with a link about a cost-efficient way for app developers to deal with the Lodsys situation, here.

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  1. Hopefully all of these companies will counter sue like the rest.
    Troll patent sue happy companies belong out of business. Hopefully they will lose every case and at the rate they’re going have so many lawsuits they won’t be able to pay for them and get put out for good.

    1. Didn’t Apple just recently become … A big Patent Troll.

      Well that’s how Googdroids will see it.

      And why not – if things were flipped, that’s what we would be saying.

  2. Build a big honking Apple Store in Tyler. Hell, build three of them. Turn the entire Eastern district of Texas into a sea of Apple fanatics. Nobody will ever dare sue us there again.

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