Apple Store Fifth Avenue enclosed in giant box (with photo)

MacDailyNews reader “Frequent Visitor” has sent us a link to their MobileMe Gallery of 27 photos showing the state of construction at Apple’s iconic Apple Store Fifth Avenue, NYC’s most-photographed landmark.

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Apple Store Fifth Avenue
Apple Store Fifth Avenue

Check out all of the photos here.

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  1. Is the 5th Avenue store open right now? That’s actually the closest one to where I work, and I know they’re also doing construction on the SoHo store.

  2. We know that a lot of the renovation will be the addition of new space as well as changes to the current space. This and previous photos point out that something is changing regarding ‘the cube’. It may well only be a change in structural materials.

  3. I’ve heard rumors that they’ll be using stained glass with a big cross above the Apple logo to attract the worshippers, I mean, consumers. Next week, they erect the glass steeple.

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